How to prevent and reverse cancer

Thursday, May 24, 2012 by: Jonathan Landsman
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(NaturalNews) Heaven forbid you ever hear the words: "You have cancer". But if you did - what would you do? I would hope you find the courage and conviction to embrace life and defeat cancer with all your power. A cancer diagnosis is NOT a death sentence - it's a wake up call - which requires a comprehensive, plan of action.

The next NaturalNews Talk Hour is a must for every person concerned about cancer. We'll talk about how to kill cancer cells without life-threatening side effects, strengthen immunity and boost your energy for optimal results!

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Don't become a victim of cancer industry mythology

Conventionally speaking, people have been brainwashed to believe that cancer is a mysterious disease randomly created amongst our cells. Another deceptive idea is that cancer can only be treated with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. And, of course, the fear of cancer can be crippling since we have been led to believe that our only hope is a highly-skilled physician (or surgeon) to provide that "magic bullet" - which leaves us feeling powerless and uncertain about our future.

Can't we do anything to help ourselves? Naturally, the answer is yes! Today, many medical doctors understand that cancerous cells develop due to several genetic and biochemical abnormalities. Cancer can not be effectively treated locally - when it's a systemic health crisis.

Decrease your risk for cancer

It's always good to learn from the experts. Cancer specialist, Thomas Lodi, M.D. says, "cancer is not "the enemy," but rather the consequence of continued violations of natural laws. Health is the consequence of healthy living!" Dr. Lodi initially may help cancer patients with Insulin Potentiation Therapy; gene therapy; immunotherapy (plus much more) but the main thing his patients learn is how to stop developing cancer.

Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. helps his patients kill cancer cells with a 3-step approach of diet, supplementation and detoxification. Without the use of drugs or radiation, Dr. Gonzalez offers individualized protocols utilizing organic, whole foods; pancreatic enzymes and coffee enemas to rid the body of toxic waste.

The NaturalNews Talk Hour begins this Thursday evening at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, and registration is FREE. Click this link - and enter your email for FREE show details + a FREE gift!

Top rated, anti-cancer action steps

Over the years, I've interviewed hundreds of health experts and they all agree that our lifestyle choices have a profound effect on our physiology. To live life cancer-free - we must create an environment unfriendly to cancer cells. Here are some great tips:

Eat organic fruits and vegetables. (raw - as much as possible)
Drink organic, vegetable juice. (dark leafy greens are best)
Drink natural spring water or filtered water.
Do colon cleansing. (detoxification is a must)
Exercise - most days of the week. (try some yoga)
Enjoy time in the sun. (don't over do it)
Breathe fresh air. (walk in nature or at the beach)
Develop loving relationships.
Take time to relax. (quiet the mind)
Create good sleeping habits. (early to bed, early to rise)
Minimize or eliminate the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking.
Don't over-cook your food. (no microwaves!)
Eliminate plastic bottles or tap water.
Avoid (chronic) stress and negative emotions.
Protect yourself from EMF pollution. (get grounded)
Remove dental amalgams. (mercury is a killer)

This week's guest: Keith Block, M.D. - Integrative Cancer Specialist

Discover the NEW paradigm in cancer treatment and healing - Thu. May 24

Keith Block, M.D. is an internationally recognized expert in integrative oncology. Referred to by many as the "father of integrative oncology," Dr. Block combines cutting-edge conventional treatment with individualized and scientifically-based complementary and nutraceutical therapies.

In 1980, he co-founded the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Illinois - the first such facility in North America. Dr. Block has published more than 75 scientific papers and his model of individualized integrative oncology continues to set the standard for the practice of this comprehensive approach to cancer treatment in the United States.

The next NaturalNews Talk Hour is a must for every person concerned about cancer. We'll talk about how to kill cancer cells without life-threatening side effects, strengthen immunity and boost your energy for optimal results!

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