Challenge studies that encourage moderate alcohol consumption for health and longevity

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 by: Paul Fassa
Tags: alcohol consumption, longevity, studies

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(NaturalNews) Alcohol consumption's health consequences have been a subject of epidemiological studies throughout the western world. The consensus from several studies is: Those who drink moderately have better health than those who drink heavily, and surprise, even better than those who don't drink alcohol at all. It leaves one wondering how thorough these studies were.

It doesn't have to be wine that's consumed, they say. It could be any type of alcoholic beverage. But it appears that all the tests don't agree with what's moderate. Some say one or two drinks per week, and others say three to four drinks a day. Maybe it depends on who drinks what.

While it's true that using alcohol moderately to relax may help protect one from a health debilitating stress overload, that seems to fall short for the finding that moderate drinking is healthier than no alcohol at all. Does this include those of us who eat right, exercise, and meditate?

One area of suspicion is just what are the teetotalers eating and what is their level of physical activity? That seems to be a non-factor with these studies. There are several individuals from "primitive" cultures, who live healthy lives to 100 years of age, and yogis, who continue to practice Hatha Yoga at or near that age.

Most of them don't drink alcohol at all, and they've lived relatively healthy long lives. So we don't really know the lifestyles of those in the studies who say they don't drink alcohol at all. That could flip these studies over.

As we know, mainstream medicine doesn't consider shunning processed foods and meats in its factoring for good health and longevity. So how many teetotalers were consuming whole organic foods? And how many were vegetarians? This writer's hunch is very few were observing healthy diets or lifestyles.

An unusual health tip from an unusual person

As a matter of fact, meat eaters have been encouraged to drink moderately in order to keep the meat from putrefying in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Carnivorous animals have much shorter GI tracts than humans. That's not just because they're smaller. Some carnivorous animals are larger than humans.

The shorter GI tracts make it easier to digest the flesh they eat. Humans have a harder time completely digesting meat. And consumed meat can putrefy in the lengthy human GI tract. This releases all sorts of pathogens and toxins, creating mucus like slime. Ayurvedic medicine calls this GI tract mucus-like-slime ama, the root of bad health.

Using alcohol to keep meat from putrefying in the GI tract was suggested by the father of veganism in America, Professor Arnold Ehret, who died in Los Angeles in 1922 from a freak accident at age 56.

Ehret's seminal opus, The Mucusless Diet Healing System, was the inspiration for many who followed his teachings in California and elsewhere. His writings were even re-written by other health advocates during the 20th Century. Ehret had cured himself from a variety of ailments as a young person in Germany through fasting and a diet of vegetables, fruit, and fresh nuts.

Though Ehret eschewed eating meat of any type, when he expressed his disdain for coffee and alcoholic beverages, he did say anyone who insists on eating meat should drink some alcohol to curb the meat's potential internal putrefaction.

So probably most of the teetotalers in those alcohol consumption studies were meat and junk food consumers as were the moderate and heavy drinkers. But the moderate drinkers had alcohol to help digest their meat enough to minimize toxicity somewhat.

Alcohol isn't necessary with healthy lifestyles.

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