The chemo drug shortage is a blessing

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by: Peggy Steele
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(NaturalNews) On May 13, 2011, the Canadian press reported a chemo drug shortage that left hospitals scrambling. The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) said: "For weeks, hospitals and pharmacists across Canada and the U.S. have struggled to cope with spot shortages for about five chemotherapy drugs. Many of the medications are decades old, highly toxic cancer drugs that kill dividing cancer cells and are mainstays of cancer treatment." The CBC failed to mention that these highly toxic drugs kill the patients as well.

So brainwashed are cancer patients and their doctors that they actually believe they are in great need of these poisonous drugs.

A reader who goes by the name Tattedlace commented, "All the women in my family died of colon cancer, so I know what my future is; all of them died horrible deaths due to the effects of chemo."

There are many instances where expensive chemo drugs have failed miserably. Jack (not his real name) placed his trust in the medical establishment to treat his leukemia. He underwent all the traditional treatments including an experimental drug that cost the Canadian medical system $10,000 (yes, ten thousand dollars) per treatment. The result: Jack`s immune system has been trashed. His leukemia is no longer in remission and has returned with a vengeance. The treatments destroyed his ability to produce healthy blood. Jack`s doctors sent him home to die.

Jack is now taking intravenous vitamin C treatments at a cost of about $200 per treatment. The irony is: while the Canadian government gladly footed the bill for Jack's $10,000 treatments, it won`t cover the cost of the IVC treatments. Nor will the insurance companies. There is something very wrong with this picture.

Keith Scott-Mumby was a licensed physician in the UK. Since moving to the U.S.A, this outspoken doctor has written extensively. In his book, Cancer Confidential he said, "The conventional treatment of cancer has been an unmitigated disaster. It is getting better and there are new smart therapies on the way. But cutting, burning and poisoning with chemo does as much, or more, to finish off the patient as the disease itself."

If cancer is seen as a failure of the immune system, how can poisoning the immune system with chemo and radiation help?

New cancer breakthrough treatments we see trumpeted in the press are no breakthrough at all. Scott-Mumby calls it "posturing by the cancer mafia, trying to raise the share value of this or that company."

We humans have a long history of suppressing the truth. Truth-sayers have been persecuted down through the ages. When Giordano Bruno elaborated on Copernican theories that the world was not the centre of the universe, he was dragged before the inquisition and burned at the stake in 1600.

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was shunned and ridiculed by his colleagues for daring to suggest they wash their hands before proceeding from performing autopsies to delivering babies. He died a broken man.

To this day doctors who provide alternative treatments for cancer are harassed, threatened, jailed and, it is suspected, even killed. Despite the fact that chemo drugs are highly toxic and carcinogenic and have an appalling lack of success, the North-American medical community willingly dons its blinkers and blindly refuses to embrace natural, non-toxic treatments that have a higher rate of success.

The current scarcity of cancer drugs should be viewed as an opportunity to research and seek out the many successful, natural, non-toxic alternative treatments for the cancer pandemic we are sadly experiencing.

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Cancer Confidential: Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB ChB, PhD

About the author

Peggy Steele has developed a successful and highly rewarding career in communications and financial services. She has written stories on travel, financial planning, and health-related issues which were published in numerous Canadian newspapers and magazines. Peggy's webpage can be seen at: www.thesteelereport.ca .

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