The Gerson Therapy: Big Pharma and the AMA Suppress Another Holistic Cancer Cure

Thursday, September 10, 2009 by: Paul Fassa
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(NaturalNews) Unlike Essiac Tea or Hoxsey's herbal formula, the Gerson Therapy is a completely dietary based protocol with coffee enemas for liver detoxification. There is no single herbal formula, no magic bullet. But just as with Rene Caisse's Essiac Tea and Hoxey's secret formula, it has proven effective with even the most difficult cancer cases. It is much less expensive than FDA/AMA approved cancer "cures".

Dr. Max Gerson was ridiculed and harassed by a cancer industry that promotes expensive, harsh, even injurious treatments that don't cure. This unjust treatment was similar to Caisse's and Hoxsey's plight. Neither one made much money from their humanitarian endeavors, and neither did Dr. Gerson.

The Gerson Therapy is effective for other degenerative diseases as well, mostly by restoring health and killing pathogens or cancer cells naturally. Dr. Gerson cured Albert Schweitzer of his diabetes when he was 70 years old, allowing Schweitzer to continue his difficult work until he was 90.

After Max Gerson died, Albert Schweitzer wrote that Dr. Gerson was a medical genius who .. . "achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them."

A Brief Gerson Therapy History

Max Gerson began his natural healing approach by treating tuberculosis in his native Germany during the 1920's. Even then there was opposition to his work from other physicians. By chance, a woman with terminal cancer requested that Dr. Gerson treat her cancer using his tuberculosis curing methods. At first he declined. He was not sure it would work for her or even for cancer at all, and he didn't want any more problems from the medical establishment in Germany.

But she insisted and drew up a document asserting her responsibility and indemnifying him from liability. To his surprise, she recovered completely. Then there were more cancer patients, and Dr. Gerson committed himself to the curing cancer. He left Germany as Nazism took over, continued his methods in France for a short while, and then arrived in the United States.

After practicing out of his home, he set up a clinic in upper New York state with some assistance from grateful cured patients. He published his findings and successes, which led to some attacks by the established medical community. After taking five successfully cured "incurable" cancer patients to Congress in an effort to prove his therapy's worth in the mid 1940's, the AMA and Big Pharma actually stepped up the attacks.

Dr. Gerson's daughter, Charlotte Gerson, who was very involved with the Gerson Therapy and continued after her father's death, claims that a doctor working in his clinic was a mole for the medical establishment. This same doctor later retracted positive statements about Gerson's therapy from medical journals. During his presence, several documents were discovered to be "missing".

Charlotte also asserts that Max Gerson was poisoned by someone putting arsenic into his afternoon coffee. There is forensic evidence to support her claim. There was arsenic detected in his urine after he complained of stomach cramps upon drinking his afternoon coffee. The establishment claimed he died of lung cancer. According to Charlotte, there were no tumors on his lungs. His weakened condition from ingesting arsenic at his 77 years of age simply precipitated a lung infection.

Charlotte's son and Max Gerson's grandson, Howard Straus, has written the book Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless. Howard had to take it to Canada for publishing since he could not find a willing publisher in the States. Even then, some passages that were very unflattering to Big Pharma, the AMA, and medical journals were removed.

The hopeless and terminally ill were who mostly came to Dr. Gerson's clinic. It's sadly true that most cancer patients turn to alternative methods only after AMA/Big Pharma fails, if they are still alive. Then they are considered incurable or terminal. Dr. Gerson felt that because of this, he wasn't shut down. After all, when more money can't be squeezed out of desperate cancer victims because they are considered incurable, there can't be any concern over competition, right?

Howard's book chronicles Dr. Gerson's achievements in the face of constant adversity and ridicule. And Charlotte herself has recently co-written The Gerson Therapy, which covers the therapy's protocol. The Gerson Institute exists today to ensure, with certification, that practitioners who have adopted Dr. Gerson's protocol apply it correctly. They also educate those who wish to use Dr. Gerson's methods, and they are available for questions and for educational materials.

Basic Protocol Summary of the Gerson Therapy

Max Gerson's protocol could be divided into three major sections: (1) Heavy vegetarian juicing for enzymes and minerals with a low sodium and animal protein diet, but high in potassium (2) Detoxification of the liver with coffee enemas (3) Medication with natural supplements. This last item, (3) may be the only one that is best served by a health practitioner. The others are capable of administering by oneself at home.

Juicing (1)

It is important to select the right type of juicer for juicing, even if only for health maintenance. High speed blenders and centrifugal juicers are expensive and difficult to clean after each use. That can be discouraging. More importantly, those high speed machines destroy much of the enzyme content of the fruits and vegetables juiced.

Enzymes are even more important than minerals and vitamins. They are biochemical catalysts that function throughout the body to promote metabolism, even on the cellular level. So without enzymes, nutrients won't fare well and metabolic waste products will stay trapped in the blood.

Low speed masticating or triturating machines are much better for cancer patients using the Gerson method. The same holds true for anyone who wishes to juice for better health and immunity, as the fruit and vegetable enzymes are preserved while removing the fiber that inhibits digestion of the nutrients in the juices.

The masticating machines have one auger shaped screw while the triturating machines have two screws that mesh together. These machines can juice even wheat grass in addition to hard vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and apples. They are easier to clean and less expensive than high speed machines! Either type will do for most purposes, although the triturating juicers are favored for Gerson cancer therapy.

The Gerson therapy advocates juicing carrots with green vegetables and apples. Carrot juice alone has a high glycemic index. Not good for blood sugar balance. Of course, these foods for juicing must be, repeat, must be, organically grown.

Root vegetables, e.g. carrots, directly suck up whatever is in the soil. So carrots from mineral deprived soil that is soaked with insecticides and petrochemical fertilizers will do more harm than good. And non-organic apples are heavily sprayed. The Gerson therapy for advanced cancer calls for considerable consumption of freshly made fruit and vegetable juices. For general health, less is required.

Liver Detoxification with Coffee Enemas (2)

The liver is an extremely important organ to detoxify, since once the liver degenerates to near collapse, death is imminent. There are methods that use olive oil and lemon juice to expel solidified fat globules, often considered gall stones, after a few days of apple juice or apples. Those methods actually clear out the gall bladder, not the liver itself. Yes, liver function is somewhat improved by cleansing the closely associated gall bladder.

But the liver itself must be really clean and healthy in order to effectively handle the body's effort to detoxify, especially when eliminating toxic cancer cells. Using coffee enemas strikes virtually all but the most dedicated caffeine addicts as odd! However, if administered properly, the caffeine doesn't get into the blood stream.

That's right, caffeine. Hold the decaf please, and lose the flavoring too. Just plain coffee is the ticket. What is important, again, is using only organically grown coffee. Makes sense, right? For normal colon cleansing, one retains the liquid while lying on the left side, but for liver detox with coffee enemas, one must lie on the right side for a few minutes before expelling. This allows the coffee's entrance into the hepatic portal of the liver.

From Marsha Anderson's May 18, 2009 Natural News article "Use Coffee Enemas for Detoxification"

"The caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, in coffee dilate the ducts to facilitate bile flow. The palmitates in coffee increase the action of glutathione-S-transferase by 600% to 700% in the liver and in the small intestine. It is this enzyme that is responsible for the detoxification of free radicals and it's also this enzyme that inhibits the re-absorption of the radicals."

Marsha also offers explicit directions for the coffee enema application in her article.

Dr. Gerson stated in a 1956 lecture, "In addition, the liver helps to prepare the stomach juice with the help of the visceral nervous system. The liver helps to prepare the pancreas, trypsin, pepsin, lipase, the digestive enzymes - all that is regulated with the help of the visceral nervous system. The liver has many, many more very important functions. One of them is the reactivation of the oxidizing enzymes . . . It is very important to note that oxidizing enzymes are at a low level of function in cancer patients."

Medication (3)

No pharmaceutical medications are used or even allowed from past use. Fortunately, frequent coffee enemas assuage the pain for which many advanced cancer patients are prescribed pain killers. As a doctor, Max Gerson could and would administer natural medicines by injection as well as orally.

He used high doses of potassium and extremely high doses of iodine/potassium iodide, as well as a thyroid solution to force the cancer cells into rapidly absorbing the potassium, which eventually oxidized the cancer cells. The importance of oxidizing cancer cells from within the body is a prominent Gerson theme. Cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment. Oxygen destroys them.

Crude liver extract and vitamin B12 for red blood cell production were injected, and a mixture of carrot and liver juice was added to the many juices that the patients drank. This served to create more oxidation in the cancer cells, while aiding their elimination from the body. Dr. Gerson had determined that even in his days, prior to 1960, the oxidizing merits of potassium in our soil and food supply were greatly diminished.

Again from Dr. Gerson's 1956 lecture: "All this is done in the effort to restore the enteral digestion. When that functions, we add stomach juice (Acidol Pepsin) and we add pancreatin not coated. The cancer patients cannot digest the coated pancreatin. The pancreatin is given five times a day, three tablets each time. So they always have plenty of trypsin, pepsin, lipase and diastase in their systems [to help eat the tumor masses away]".

But keep in mind that these patients were advanced cancer cases, and intense, albeit non-toxic measures had to be used. Some could not even walk into the clinic! Yet he had a high rate of success curing the "incurable" hopeless.


As Albert Schweitzer wrote, "Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them." That was written several years ago. Today, there are those who have used the Gerson protocol to cure their cancer and become alternative cancer treatment gurus, soliciting materials over the Internet.

There are also those who have adopted some or most of his techniques in their holistic health practices. His discoveries have spread throughout the alternative healing community. But it's probably best to use a practitioner who has been certified by the Gerson Institute for cancer cases.

Fortunately, parts of his methodology can be used by anyone from home. It's to our benefit to explore and utilize Dr. Max Gerson's findings and methods now more than ever. He stated in his 1956 lecture that we are forced into a diet of dead foods that are also poisoned. Even with organically grown foods becoming more available, there are more toxins and poisons in our environment than ever before.

Thanks to the early courageous work of Dr. Max Gerson, another effective, non-toxic cure for cancer that needs more public awareness is among us. And juicing properly and detoxifying the liver effectively can be used by all of us to enhance our health and survival.


Gerson Protocol


Andrew Saul book review of Howard Straus's book - Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless

Interview of Charlotte Gerson Max Gerson's daughter and assistant

The Cure of Advanced Cancer By Diet Therapy: A Summary of 30 Years of Clinical Experimentation


Use Coffee Enemas for Detoxification, by Marsha Anderson

About the author

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at

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