Spending time in the sun does not constitute dangerous behavior

Thursday, May 26, 2011 by: Paula Rothstein
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(NaturalNews) Marketing is a powerful tool used to shape and influence beliefs. Often these beliefs fail to hold up under scrutiny. The ritualistic use of sunscreen lotion for the purpose of preventing skin cancer is one such belief. The fact that the American Cancer Society recommends every man, woman, and child use sunscreen lotion every time he, or she, steps into the sun should hold little sway. The American Cancer Society is wrong on so many fronts. This is just one issue amongst many. Never mind that we know for a fact that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to cancer, diabetes, and numerous other life threatening diseases. We know that without sunlight our body cannot manufacture Vitamin D. The illogical recommendation of avoiding the sun is astounding, and should be challenged if you wish to make great progress in improving your health.

Avoiding the burn

Common sense is an ally in your effort to lead a healthy life. Obviously, if you absolutely must sit in the sun for endless hours, if additional clothing are not an option, if shade is particularly absent - you should put some sort of lotion over your skin. One which is chemical free. However, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

The issue becomes more complicated as a parent, thanks in no small part to an emphatic promotion of the idea that sunscreen is a necessary component of safety for your child. No doubt, you will have to endure the cold stares of other parents if you fail to pull out the proverbial bottle of lotion at the park. It will make them feel either foolish or far superior to you, as they slather their child's exposed skin with nasty chemicals. One option is that you could announce to your child, "Run along and get your daily dose of Vitamin D," loud enough for the astonished onlookers to hear. Hopefully, this will keep them from alerting the authorities and put them appropriately into the category of foolish.

It is all about building your tolerance in reasonable increments while making sure you do not burn in the process. At the beginning of the spring and summer season, it is best to limit time of exposure. When you reach your limit, don some clothes or get into the shade. Start with about 15 minutes, working your way to 30 minutes and upward until you find your safe level of exposure. The goal is to get as much sunlight as you can to replenish your body's supply of Vitamin D. You will want to check regularly for signs of redness.

Make use of antioxidants

It is now known that antioxidants act as the skin's natural barrier to overexposure from sunlight. One antioxidant supplement, known specifically for its ability to help protect the skin from free radical damage, is astaxanthin. If taken each day, as well as one hour before heading out into the sun, your skin will be less likely to burn. Make sure it is a form which comes from natural marine microalgae. Astaxanthin is a supplement frequently mentioned here at Natural News by Mike Adams. Recently, Dr. Oz listed it as his number one supplement.

In the past 20 years, we have learned a great deal about the usefulness of Vitamin D. Most people are deficient, and this state of deficiency is most likely due to a plotted avoidance of the sun. Vitamin D is free to all yet capable of reducing many causes of mortality. Why not take full advantage this summer: replenish your stores of a vital nutrient and allow your children to do the same.


About the author

Paula Rothstein is a freelance writer and certified holistic health coach active in the area of natural health and health freedom advocacy. As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has gained insight into the political nature of food, the failings of a drug-dependent healthcare system, and the uniqueness of individual health. For more information, please visit:

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