Act Threatens Pennsylvanians with Government Takeover and Forced Vaccinations

Friday, November 06, 2009 by: Ethan Huff
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(NaturalNews) Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the Emergency Health Powers Act, was introduced by Rep. Ken Smith (D) on February 18, 2009, as an amendment to The Administrative Code of 1929 which outlines provisions for dealing with public health emergencies. HB 492 contains provisions that, during a health emergency, allow for the public takeover of private property and infrastructure, restriction of free trade, quarantines, mandatory medical treatments, and forced vaccinations.

Similar to the Massachusetts pandemic bills that were passed by both the House and Senate back in October, HB 492 follows suit with a laundry list of unconstitutional mandates not lawfully afforded to the State, even during a pandemic. A final, combined version of the two Massachusetts bills is currently awaiting passage.

Though the Pennsylvania bill has been sitting with the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee since February, there is a possibility it could move out of committee and be rushed for a vote in the very near future. Because many other states have begun trying to replicate the Massachusetts template for government tyranny during a crisis, it is crucial for the public to stop this bill and others like it before it ever makes it to the Congressional floor.

Contents of HB 492
Section 2523-D furnishes the Governor with the power to mobilize the National Guard for active duty to achieve and enforce the bill's objectives.
Section 2532-D allows for the control of facilities, property, trade, food rationing, commodities distribution and the movement of people during a crises.
Section 2542-D authorizes the coercion of persons to submit to medical examinations, testing, and any other medical treatments deemed necessary by the public health authority. The public health authority is not subject to any judicial restraints or accountability and persons refusing to comply with its mandates will face third-degree misdemeanor penalties.
Section 2544-D sanctions forced vaccinations if deemed necessary which furnish power to detain, quarantine, and impose third-degree misdemeanor charges for those who refuse to comply.
Section 2574-D grants immunity from liability to the state for death or injury to persons and for damage caused to property as a result of enforcing said provisions. It grants the same immunity to private persons, firms, or corporations who cause death, injury, or destruction while acting under the direction of the state in helping to enforce the provisions.

Essentially the bill will allow for the complete takeover of the state during a public health emergency by the Governor, the National Guard, and those from the private sector called upon to assist in the takeover. Aside from the decimation of liberty and free trade, mandatory medical treatments, and forced vaccinations, the state will not be held liable for the death and destruction caused by enforcing its requirements.

Additionally, private persons, parties, groups, corporations, or whoever is accessible and willing can be called upon to enforce these heinous provisions on their fellow citizens with the same protection from liability for the death and destruction caused by enforcement.

Since the White House recently declared a national health emergency on October 24, contingency plans like HB 492 on the state level are becoming chillingly more possible and likely. The idea of martial law being declared during an emergency, whether it is a manufactured pandemic or something else, is no longer baseless fear-mongering but a sordid reality.

It is paramount that concerned citizens actively and forcefully oppose draconian laws such as HB 492 and demand that their elected officials oppose unconstitutional power grabs, especially during crises when those seeking such power prey on the fears of the public.


House Bill 492 - The General Assembly of Pennsylvania

Senate, No. 2028 - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Declaration of a National Emergency with Respect to the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic - The White House

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Ethan Huff is a freelance writer and health enthusiast who loves exploring the vast world of natural foods and health, digging deep to get to the truth. He runs an online health publication of his own at

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