Investigation panel concludes U.S. government conspired with doctors to commit murderous medical experiments in Guatemala

Thursday, September 01, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Tags: Guatemalan prisoners, medical experiments, health news

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(NaturalNews) U.S. government medical researchers, including those from the National Institute of Health (NIH), engaged in heinous crimes through secret medical experiments on Guatemalan medical experiments, concluded an investigative report commissioned by President Obama. The report concluded that:

• The U.S. government knowingly funded and deliberately engaged in criminal medical experiments against Guatemalan prisoners from 1946 - 1948, and that the people engaged in these crimes were then promoted to high levels of influence in the medical community.

• At least 5,500 people were drafted into the experiments, including children, women and the mentally ill. The number deliberately infected with sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) exceeded 1,300 (that we know of).

• U.S. doctors and medical researchers knowingly and deliberately violated all the fundamental medical ethics including "do no harm."

• The victims of this criminal, government-run pharmaceutical experiment were mentally ill prisoners who were deliberate infected with STDs just to see what would happen.

• The victims were "not treated like human beings" but rather like laboratory animals and were deprived of basic human dignity in these heinous medical crimes.

• The purpose of the medical experiment was to test the effectiveness of penicillin for the pharmaceutical companies so they could sell the drug at high profit while claiming it had been "scientifically and clinically tested" to prevent the contraction of STDs.

• Victims were not even informed they were being infected with STDs. The entire experiment was a clandestine operation involving an admitted conspiracy between Big Pharma and the U.S. government. Undeniable evidence has now emerged that the doctors and medical researchers involved in the experiment actively took steps to hide what they were doing. (Because they knew they were engaged in EVIL actions.)

(Gee, I guess conspiracies really do exist, huh? All those people who dismiss "conspiracy theorists" have obviously never read actual U.S. history and have no knowledge of the way the pharmaceutical industry really works...)

• One purpose of these experiments was to "...find a reliable way of infecting subjects for future studies," reports the Washington Post ( "Doctors also poured bacteria onto wounds they had opened with needles on prisoners' penises, faces and arms. In some cases, infectious material was injected into their spines."

• Today, of course, the medical industry has long since found the perfect way to infect subjects for experimental studies -- Vaccines! Seriously: If these doctors, NIH researchers and government authorities would inject mentally ill prisoners with infectious diseases (directly into their spines), do you honestly think they wouldn't load up today's vaccines with live viruses and unleash mass vaccination campaigns to cause cancer, pandemics and other diseases that generate Big Pharma profits? (Grow up, folks. The medical industry is based on fundamental evils and criminal madness. The sooner you get that through your heads, the sooner you'll understand why there are no pharmaceutical cures for any disease -- they WANT you to be sick!)

"They should shock the conscience not in spite of their medical context, but precisely because of it," said commission chairwoman Amy Gutmann, who also serves as president of the University of Pennsylvania. "The people who were in the know, did want to keep it secret because if it would become more widely known, it would become the subject of public criticism," she said. (

• Guatemala condemned the medical experiments as "crimes against humanity" and vowed to prosecute the United States government for its role in international courts.

• The Institute of Medicine was asked by President Obama to take part in the investigation of the criminal medical experiments on Guatemalans but had to recuse itself because of past ties with the research. (

Details about Dr. John Cutler, the M.D. who carried out these medical crimes on behalf of the U.S. government and the NIH

• These crimes in Guatemala were carried out by a conventional medical doctor named Dr. John Cutler who was funded by a grant from the NIH.

• Dr. Cutler acted with complete alignment alongside the pharmaceutical industry's total disregard for human life. When one of the mentally ill victims who was infected with STDs began to show signs that she might die, Dr. Cutler proceeded to infect her with yet more syphilis and did nothing while she suffered and then died. This is how the pharmaceutical industry routinely operates in conspiracy with the NIH and government entities (see below).

• These medical experiments were not merely conducted in "foreign countries," by the way. After successfully sacrificing Guatemalans on the altar of pharmaceutical profits, Dr. John Cutler was granted permission to take part in the infamous Tuskegee experiments that targeted African Americans. That experiment went on for four decades until it was finally ended in 1972. Yes -- FOUR decades of government-run medical experiments on black Americans.

• After the Tuskegee experiments, Dr. John Cutler continued to run medical experiments on Americans in Terre Haute, Indiana, where prison inmates were deliberately infected with STDs.

• Dr. Cutler died in 2003 and probably went to Hell. He never apologized for his research, insisting that he was acting in an ethical manner as a doctor. (Seriously. This is yet another great example of how doctors suffer from egomaniacal self delusion that allows them to justify vaccines, chemotherapy and other deadly procedures that kill millions of innocent people every year.)

Other facts about Dr. John Cutler

• Dr. Cutler was a eugenicist -- a person obsessed with population control and shaping the future gene pool of the human race by deliberately killing "inferior" races. This is why his medical experiments, by the way, often targeted blacks, South Americans and other groups that he saw as "inferior."

• The U.S. government was so impressed with the criminal medical experiments and eugenics projects run by Dr. Cutler that he was made assistant U.S. Surgeon General in 1958! ( Job well done, doctor! Here, have a raise!

• The medical university system was also impressed with Dr. John Cutler's crimes against blacks and Guatemalan prisoners, so he was appointed a professor of international health at the University of Pittsburgh in 1967. There, he served as the chairman of the department of health administration and was the dean of the Graduate School of Public Health (1968 - 1969). The University of Pittsburgh even held a lecture series in his name to honor his legacy! (Yes, this is how much the medical university system worships criminal murderers and soulless death dealers who run the pharmaceutical establishment.)

• As the truth about these experiments has surfaced, and the criminals involved in it are starting to be exposed, all the usual suspects are predictably coming out and insisting it's all terrible, terrible stuff. "This is a dark chapter in our history. It is important to shine the light of day on it. We owe it to the people of Guatemala who were experimented on, and we owe it to ourselves to recognize what a dark chapter it was," said Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania. Adding to that, Anita L. Allen, also of the University of Pennsylvania, added "Actually cruel and inhuman conduct took place. These are very grave human rights violations." (Yet they say nothing about similar crimes being conducted right now through the mass vaccination of our children with live viruses and chemical adjuvants...)

• Dr. Cutler's wife has admitted that he was steeped in the industry of population control. Both he and his wife reportedly contributed to the Population Council and Pathfinder International ( His wife, Eliese Cutler, later served as a board member of Planned Parenthood.

The real story is that this is all Standard Operating Procedure for the medical industrial complex

The real story in all this is not that the U.S. government waged a murderous medical experiment with the help of medical doctors who totally knew they were murdering people but did it anyway -- although that might seem like a whopper of a discovery all by itself. No, the real story here is that this is how the government pharmaceutical medical industrial complex operates every single day.

You think these experiments have stopped? You think the Guatemalan experiments were an isolated case of some mad doctor? Think again. Both the U.S. government and the pharmaceutical giants (especially the vaccine companies) have waged hundreds of illegal, inhumane medical experiments in just the last century.

We've published a list of the worst ones, in fact. And these are only the ones that somehow got found out. Behind the scenes, probably thousands of illegal medical experiments have been conducted in prisoners, mentally ill patients, children, senior citizens, soldiers and other people. See the list we've published at:


In fact, Dr. Jonas Salk, the widely-worshipped "God" of the vaccine industry and the hero of all those brainwashed scientists who ridiculously believe vaccines halted the polio pandemic, was himself a medical criminal who conducted illegal experiments on mentally ill patients ( And no, polio vaccines did not stop polio. But we'll save that report for another day.

The vaccine industry is driven by profits, not any sort of respect for human life

The kind of heinous medical crimes against humanity that took place in Guatemala continue to this very day. The pharmaceutical industry (and the vaccine industry in particular) has zero respect for human life and will routinely sacrifice any number of lives to test some new experimental drug or vaccine they want to sell for profit.

In 2008, for example, Pfizer was caught engaging in illegal drug trials on Nigerian children. The crimes were so malicious -- eleven Nigerian children DIED in the trials -- that Nigerian officials actually issued arrest warrants for Pfizer researchers (

Just recently, Pfizer has reluctantly been forced to begin compensating the families of some of those victims of the illegal drug trials (

Merck has long engaged in the use of the population for vaccine experiments involving things such as SV40 cancer viruses which even Merck's own top vaccine scientist admits was knowingly contained in the Polio vaccines given to tens of millions of Americans.

Watch this stunning video of a Merck scientist admitting all this: (seriously, watch this video and you will be absolutely stunned that the old media never reports any of this)

This video was compiled by Dr. Len Horowitz, a leading vaccine researcher who exposes Big Pharma's lies about vaccinations, infectious disease and much more. (

Vaccines ARE the medical experiment!

Today, pharma-run medical experimentation on humans continues en masse through mass vaccination schemes. Vaccines are made with experimental, unproven viral fragments and often contain LIVE viruses that cause infectious disease. The Institute of Medicine even admitted all this in its latest report on vaccine adverse reactions (

Every year, flu vaccines are pushed onto the population with no randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies whatsoever. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to show that flu vaccines are either safe or effective. In fact, all the evidence shows that flu vaccines are all but worthless in actually preventing flu infections (

At the same time, vaccines contain thimerosal (methyl mercury), aluminum, polysorbate and chemical adjuvants that are highly toxic to the human nervous system. When these are all injected into little children, they often suffer seizures or even death (

This is no different from Dr. John Cutler and the U.S. government injecting the spinal columns of Guatemalan prisoners with infected materials. This is ROUTINE in the medical industry. They do it every single day in the vaccine industry.

The Gardasil HPV vaccine, by the way, has been linked with numerous deaths of teenage girls (

Medical conspiracy becomes medical fact

The really astonishing thing about this story is that these Guatemalan medical experiments only became widely known through the conventional media after Susan M. Reverby, a historian at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, discovered the Guatemalan experiments while researching information on the Tuskegee medical experiments.

All this suddenly burst onto the scene in 2010 only because an academic in the university system went public with it. If the alternative media had published a story about all this, the mainstream media would have totally ignored it and pretended it was all some "conspiracy theory."

But as you quickly learn if you read NaturalNews, what was once dismissed as conspiracy theory eventually becomes acknowledged as conspiracy fact. Most of the medical industry's top priorities are all pursued through conspiracies involving drug companies, the CDC, the FDA, medical journals and countless doctors and researchers who routinely accept bribes and falsify "scientific" studies to produce the results they want (

Of course, nearly everything the alternative media like and publishes about vaccines, the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies and processed food companies is completely true -- and much of that truth reveals crimes against humanity that are far worse than the Guatemalan medical experiments. Yet these things go completely unreported. Don't expect Anderson "CIA" Cooper to cover this on CNN. Don't expect any admission by the media that the vaccine industry or the government does anything bad to anyone, ever!

To hear the old media tell it, vaccines are good for you. Drug companies are loving, compassionate companies that respect life and are seeking cures. What they don't tell you is that vaccines are essentially manufactured by taking rooms full of primates imprisoned in cages, injecting them with diseases, waiting for those diseases to fester in their organs, then "harvesting" those diseased organs from the dying primates, blending them up into a bloody liquid mass, then processing that into a liquid that's loaded into vaccine vials and injected into the bodies of little children.

That's the truth about the vaccine industry, and it's a truth you will never hear reported in the sick, deceptive mainstream media which only reluctantly reported this Guatemalan story because they couldn't cover it up quickly enough.

All the vaccine pushing "skeptics" and "quack watchers" out there, by the way, think these Guatemalan medical experiments are just great! The more experiments, the better. They fully support any and all crimes against humanity as long as pharmaceutical profits can be achieved in the process.

Know one thing: Wherever on planet Earth that you find the most heinous, barbaric and inhumane crimes being committed (Nazi Germany, for example), you always find a medical doctor nearby, often running the show. Who oversaw the gassing of the Jews in Nazi Germany? Medical doctors. Who ran the Guatemalan medical experiments? Medical doctors. Who pushed for the mass fluoride poisoning of the populations of North American cities? Medical doctors.

Throughout the history of modern medicine, medical doctors have been the criminals, the masterminds, the henchmen and the slithering serpents who carried out the worst crimes ever recorded in human history. No wonder the symbol of western medicine is the Caducaes -- two serpents intertwined in the shape of human DNA, climbing a staff which indicates domination and control.

The message of this symbol which adorns countless hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics across the western world, is very clear: We shall wield control over human biology in the name of pure evil (the serpents).

And if you think these murderous, government-funded medical experiments conducted in Guatemala were bad, then I dare you to look in the mirror. If you take vaccines, YOU ARE THE EXPERIMENT.

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