The Dying World: Healing Methods Increasingly Fail

Friday, December 19, 2008 by: Kal Sellers
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(NaturalNews) What happened to the world? Where did we go wrong? Is it as hopeless as it is beginning to appear? This article will illuminate the increasing failure rate of all forms of medicine and healing and will isolate four possible reasons why this might be happening in spite of all we know and all we are learning. This article concludes with a discussion of the division occurring among people of the world today: those consumed by said failure and those motivated by it.

Only a few years ago, the tonality of those who engaged in healthy eating and living was one of certainty that they were avoiding the plagues of those who were on the SAD. They started abandoning clearly harmful behaviors and experienced a surge in health and very often spontaneous healing. That tonality has changed today. It has become plain that even the healthiest people, by such standards as are commonly known today, are not substantially healthier than the general population.

This factoid is known as an "elephant in the room." This means that it is something everyone can see, but no one wants to acknowledge for fear that it means they are not as smart as they thought they were. To avoid mentioning this point, however, is somewhere between irresponsible and plain dishonest. The reality is that without vigorous care to keep each system healthy as it gets out of balance, even the most healthy person in general terms, will be sick and struggling and may even get sicker than their un-conscientious counterparts. While this is good news…sort of…to naturopaths, chiropractors and other hands-on clinical natural healing practitioners who get paid by the visit, it is a sobering picture when viewed objectively. It means that we may not know nearly as much as we pompously propose to.

There are no standards quite clean enough to really make disease disappear and never return. This is not to say that standards are not effective, for example, the person on a basically healthy program will respond far better and faster to natural therapies. Still, many people are finding that they do not respond quite like they once did, which highlights the subject of this article.

Something is desperately wrong! It is creeping in rather subtly as we fight against it. We generally think that it is caused by this or that outrage from the corrupt drug company world or from governmental conspiracies, but if we look at the actual incline of strange diseases and the population which they are really affecting, we find a picture that looks far scarier than one where we know all the causes of everything and are happily pointing fingers and gossiping about the sins of the government and medical doctors! Indeed, the fearfulness of reality today is that we really have no clue where it is coming from and the explanations we have are grossly inadequate.

Most practitioners are forced to admit that it takes a good deal more effort and vigil today to keep even themselves healthy. Clients and patients who are not self-correcting are feeling it even more. Many who would once have just gone to their local naturopath, are now seeing five or more natural healing practitioners regularly and are not necessarily better than they were ten years ago. They are working harder for less.

This article offers no one solution to this problem, but does offer some possibilities that should be considered:

1.That the cumulative affect of heavy metals, processed food, toxicity, agriculture chemicals, environmental chemicals, EM radiation, etc. is far greater than 1+1
2.That the impact of increasing stress and discontent on individuals is leading to reduced digestion and therefore increased problems with food reactions, toxic residues and sensitivities to many, many foods that would otherwise be perfectly healthy. Even raw foodists might have to be vigilant, rotate foods and take enzyme supplements.
3.That unknown factors exist which impact the elements of the body in ways that disrupt health. This might be coming from a wide variety of intentional or unintentional sources. For a culture that understands how to use EM radiation vibrations that destroy pathogens, create homeopathic healing, do chiropractic adjustments and heal disease, we seem startlingly unconcerned about the vibration of negative thought and criticism and focus on the negative that is broadcast via EM waves over virtually the entire populated globe today.
4.That at no time in the history of the world as it is recorded in orthodox documents has there been less spiritual discipline, including moral anchors. It is at least conceivable, if not likely or certain, that moral anchors affect our health and decide our tendency toward healthier or sicker choices in all other aspects of life. Such a point is not immune from attack, but it simply appears that it is elemental to humans to worship a Higher Power who demands that they use their abilities, superior to animals as they are, for channeling "good" and resisting deviations from that "good." The interpretation of this is certain to invite debate, but perhaps the abandonment of it is equally certain to invite disease and eventual implosion.

There are two camps in the world:

First, there are those caught wholly in the wake of the ship described above. These are frustrated, confused and suffering, but unwilling to look at their real conditions and are therefore wholly taken with the trend. They sometimes want to be healthy, but they watch the news, read trash, do wantonly immoral acts, eat at fast food restaurants or eat processed food, live in traditional houses, drive traditional cars and waste in every corner of their lives. Some in the wake do nothing, and, ironically, are healthier than those who feign healthy practices, but are uncommitted to them. This may be because at least they are grateful for what they have and are living without fighting constantly.

Second, there are those who have recognized the pattern of a downward spiral and who have made the choice to swim away. These, if they totally sever their attachment to the drowning crowd, can sometimes break free and begin to triumph by altering every facet of life to be wholly incompatible with the agents of disease prominent today. These, if they neglect nothing, enjoy the peace of one who has made his or her decision and is unwilling to reconsider. They are not fighting against the world's disease agents, but are giving themselves totally to the cause of harmonious living. A Christian promise applies here, that the "meek shall inherit the earth." Meekness is most synonymous with harmonious living. Such will not be killed by the destructive forces for they are incompatible with them. They suffer only until they are clear of the wake and in the meanwhile they enjoy the peace of knowing their personal identity.

In conclusion, this article offers only an invitation to candid, open and honest readers, whether authors, practitioners or interested consumers, to look at what is really happening and judge if the above postulation is correct. If so, a change in thinking and trend must become more imminent than the crash we are partying toward so lustily.

Thank you for reading,

Kal Sellers, MH

About the author

Kal Sellers, MH currently operates KalsSchool.com and teaches a 2-year curriculum for Natural Medicine, via live teleclasses.
Kal is a Master Herbalist and holds several other certificates and licenses for hands-on healing modalities. He maintains a current practice in the Atlanta area.
Kal and Traci have six children, the last four of which were delivered at home. They live now in Powder Springs, GA where they teach live classes on food and medicine. Kal is also a full time Chiropractic student.

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