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Originally published November 24 2015

Crazed man decapitates his mother with a sword, after stopping psych drug use then starting on them again

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) A 40-year-old Wisconsin man stabbed and decapitated his mother with a four-foot sword after he reportedly stopped taking his prescribed medication following the discovery of the drug's side effects online. Accused killer Matthew Skalitzky began taking them again just a few days before the vicious attack, according to his father, Joseph Skalitzky.

While horrific, the association of violence and prescription drugs is not uncommon. At, you can view an extensive database of cases where people on psychotropic medication have carried out horrific acts of violence, including school and workplace shootings, family murders and rampages on military bases.

After Matthew had breakfast with his parents at their home, Jane Skalitzky drove their son to the townhome where he sometimes stayed before ushering him upstairs. Shortly after, Matthew Skalitzky's roommate heard Jane Skalitzky saying "no, no no."

By the time the roommate arrived upstairs, he discovered Matthew Skalitzky silently standing over his mother's lifeless body with a sword. Jane Skalitzky had been decapitated and had wounds to her hands, according to

Wisconsin man who went on and off his meds had delusions that people are "clones"

As Skalitzky made his first appearance in court, Assistant District Attorney Corey Stephan said that Matthew Skalitzky's mental illness "causes him to believe the people around him are clones" and are "less than human."

After killing his mother, Stephan said, Skalitzky told his roommate that he had "hacked the clone."

Stephan said Skalitzky became upset with his mother after she found a box containing knives and a sword.

A search warrant executed by the Sun Prairie Police Department discovered a variety of prescriptions and other medications in both Matthew Skalitzky's home and his parent's residence. It's unclear which prescriptions belonged to Matthew Skalitzky, as well as which drugs he was taking at the time of the attack.

The criminal complaint filed against the accused killer includes the following:

The day began with Matthew Skalitzky having breakfast with his parents at their home, where he had spent the night. His father, Joseph Skalitzky, described his son as being "anxious and agitated." He said that shortly before 11:30 a.m., his son wanted to return to the condo that his parents rented for him.

Skalitzky's roommate told police that Skalitzky had not been staying there for the past year but would visit and get mail there.

When Matthew and Jane Skalitzky arrived, the roommate told police, Jane Skalitzky was friendly and greeted him, while Matthew Skalitzky seemed "distant and unemotional," comparing it to one of his "seasonal funks."

About 10 to 15 minutes later, the roommate said he heard stomping noises from upstairs and went to investigate. When he got about halfway up the stairs he heard Jane Skalitzky yelling, "no, no, no." He got upstairs to find Matthew Skalitzky holding a sword and his mother's body on the floor, decapitated.

The roommate took the sword from Skalitzky without resistance and led him down the stairs and told him to sit on the couch. The roommate went outside and called 911.
When police arrived, they saw Skalitzky coming down the stairs from the second floor and took him into custody.

The sword was found just outside the front door. When asked if his mother was dead, Skalitzky responded, "yes, but she's not my real mother."

Jane Skalitzky, a retired special education teacher, was Matthew Skalitzky's adopted mother.


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