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Originally published November 19 2015

Extraordinary video appears to show the Earth literally breathing under forest canopy

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) The gray slabs of concrete control our movements like a remote control, directing us from place to place. We walk in lines as if we are on a leash. We stay on the concrete paths, eyes turning gray – our feet softening in our shoes. The wild ground awaits, just steps away, but we continue to take the wide beaten path, obeying the orders of our GPS-guided life.

Not today. Just outside the city, where the sky opens up like a child's colorful picture book, our eyes start to turn blue again and our adventurous imaginations return. As the countryside comes into full view, and as the trees stand out with different shades of color, our hearts begin to beat strong again. Pulling to the side of the road, slamming the car door, we let go, taking off on foot and dashing into the wild grasses. The pinks and whites of clover speckle the field, and the scent of wild onion breaks the air as we pull a few bulbs from the dirt.

The heartbeat of the Earth enriches our pulses as we hike closer to the sea of gracefully swaying trees that are slowly coming into view. How many days go by, living in a box, missing the light of the sun? How many weeks go by, ignoring the trees' open invitation?

As we walk closer to the sea of trees, a burst of energy swells up inside us, propelling our legs to a sprint. The trees embrace our longing for adventure, as we run into their shade. Weaving in between their strong frames, stepping over their broken-off and decaying parts, we get a real sense of the interconnection of all living things.

We were never at the top of the food chain, as our ego state of mind would like us to believe. The fungus growing off a nearby decaying log reminds us that our bodies are part of a cycle. We can almost feel the hundreds of thousands of worms crawling beneath our feet – a clear reminder.

The environment is within us, not outside of us. The Earth is alive and we are connected to it all. As the flat ground of the forest floor starts to peak and drop off, we peer out over a maze of hills, peaks and valleys. The streams that meander through are the arteries and veins, carrying life through the hills.

We breathe a sigh of relief in the moment, as time stands still.

Breathtaking forest phenomenon caught on camera

An extraordinary video taken in the forests of Nova Scotia, appears to show the Earth breathing under the forest canopy. What a beautiful sight to see.

The video was captured by Brian Nuttall on the Apple River in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. He dared to step off his normal path on October 30th and this is what he captured on his cell phone:

Watch the video here:

The phenomenon taking place in the video has to do with the trees' roots. The ground appears to be heaving, but it's really the movement of tree roots underground. The roots have been detached from their moorings, and are desperately trying to keep the trees anchored as the wind pulls at their tops.

"As I entered a patch of trees spared from clear cutting, I noticed the ground moving," Nuttall said in a Facebook post. "I believe the larger trees are doomed to blow down but are currently spared, the small trees around them help hold each other up, as the wind pushes the trees into one another."

"The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side hill, the roots have loosened and the mossy ground from the once shaded forest floor are giving way, soon to be toppled over," he exclaims.

What a truly amazing sight to see, and it's only a matter of time before those trees lose their footing, fall to the forest floor, and break down to become part of the soil to support new life.

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