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Originally published November 18 2015

Houston residents told to boil their disgusting, worm-filled tap water as America devolves to third-world status

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) In the peak of the summer heat, yet another example surfaced of why you absolutely should not quench your thirst with your local, unfiltered city tap water. It's been proven time and time again in numerous regions across the U.S that tap water can be very unsafe and may pose a variety of health risks ranging from brain-eating amoeba to chemical and pharmaceutical contaminants; however, this latest tap water discovery is repulsive enough to make you squirm.

Residents of the Woodland Acres subdivision of Old River-Winfree, a city northeast of Houston, Texas, made a revolting discovery when they found slimy worms floating around in their tap water.

Resembling tadpoles and appearing in both black and red, the worms were being dispensed out of resident's kitchen sinks, bathtubs and outdoor faucets, generating a genuine buzz of disgust.

"That's worms! That is so worms!"

"That's just gross. Oh my God, I'm freaking out right now," said Tammy Early, a resident of the Woodland Acres subdivision. Another resident said the worms coming out of her water faucet were so thick that they clogged her sprinkler.

"This water was coming out of the bathroom faucet," Tara Miles told KHOU-TV as she held up a jar that had several worms floating inside.

Other residents found a buildup of worms in their faucet water filters.

"He undid the filter to our faucet and it was full (of worms)," said Sandy Cook. "Like tannish brown and some of them were red."

"I just, I can't believe it. We pay to have nice clean drinking water. You don't see that here in 2015, that there's worms in the water."

J&S Water, which supplies water and sewage service to Old River-Winfree, admitted to having a power outage over the weekend of July 25 and 26 in which "some equipment broke," according to KHOU.

The company insists that they tested the water "multiple" times with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), but failed to find any sign of worms at the half dozen system test sites.

They flushed and chlorinated the entire system before issuing a boil water notice for the subdivision; however, as usual, they're still refusing to take any responsibility.

Instead, they are blaming the customers' water pipes. But Miles says that doesn't add up.

"For the record, we have replaced our pipes over and over again and it is PVC pipe. There's nothing coming from our pipes," she said.

A spokeswoman for TCEQ said contamination such as this can be caused by backflow into pipes or breaches in storage tanks, reports The Houston Chronicle.

As of August 6, investigators continued to find worms in the subdivision's water, discovering at least one as they filled a bucket from the tap outside of one resident's home. Officials reportedly checked the "water color, pressure, and chlorine residuals and found them to be compliant," reports KPRC Houston.

"Bacteria samples were also taken and came back negative," KPRC reported, adding that "no breaches in the system or cross connections" were discovered.

In other words, they have no clue where the disgusting worms are coming from.

Brain-eating amoeba have surfaced twice in two years in the tap water of St. Bernard Parish, an area located about five miles outside of downtown New Orleans, reports The amoeba took the lives of two people.

Incidents like this are exactly why having the best water filter available is quintessential for protecting you and your family from contaminated tap water.

Water suppliers in small and large cities cannot be trusted, as officials have repeatedly demonstrated that they'll lie their way out of any situation in which they might be liable.

Having a trusted water filter is even more important during times of crisis where clean water might be more valuable than any other commodity.


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