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Originally published November 14 2015

Leftist college students insist that people should be judged based on skin color after Asian student pleads for acceptance regardless of race

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The craziness on American college campuses is continuing, with minority students obsessed with, and motivated solely by, race and ethnicity, demanding that all things be decided based on the color of skin.

As noted by Mediaite, students who carved out a "safe space" at Claremont McKinna College in California shouted down an Asian girl who was trying to describe how she was discriminated against by an African American male, booing her when she declared – truthfully – that blacks, like members of other races, can be racist.

"I came to this country five years ago when I was fifteen, alone, through a boarding school in Pennsylvania," the Asian student began. "And all I heard is, 'If you don't speak English, go home.' 'If you don't speak good English, go home.' 'I don't date Asians,' and 'I'd like to have sex with a girl from all the continents that's why I want to date you.'"

The young lady went on, recalling a time when she and a group of friends were walking down a street when a black male pulled over and shouted, "Go back to your home!" When that happened, she said a "white lady" stopped to ask if she needed police to intervene.

"The point I'm making here is that we should not distinguish people by their race or gender or anything. Black people can be racist," she stated emphatically. At that point, a black woman holding a sign that says, "It's too late to say sorry," approached her.

"Oh no honey," said someone in the surrounding crowd over a chorus of boos.

A few students gathered in the "safe space" shouted at their peers to let the young Asian woman speak.

"Let her finish," said one.

"I mean, we just have to look at people individually," the young woman continued, advising her student colleagues to "look at the heart" and "the action, not the race."

Really, it's only black lives that matter

At that point, others begin approaching the woman and grabbing for her megaphone, as someone in the crowd asked, "How is this relevant to the college failing to provide a space for people of color?"

Which brings us to important points that most students listening to the young Asian lady completely whiffed on: What justifies granting "safe spaces" only to people of color? And why should "skin color" be the only qualifier for a "safe space"? Shouldn't everyone feel "safe" on college campuses?

Finally, are minorities really enduring so much hate and violence on college campuses that they and they alone need "safe spaces," or is this all just a political ploy to get perks and benefits that others would be denied?

We just wonder because when it comes to "inclusion," African Americans are not always, shall we say, that into it. Witness what occurred at the University of Missouri recently, when blacks literally self-segregated, shoving out even white "allies" and sympathizers.

A total scam

A campus organization begun under the phony racial pretenses of change called "Concerned Student 1950" – named for the year that the first black student was admitted to the university in Columbia, MO. – recently demanded that all whites leave a "space" the group had designated for itself, according to a number of social media postings.

"Prominent #BlackLivesMatter activist Johnetta Elzie said the purpose of the segregated meeting was to create a 'Black-only healing space,'" Mediaite reported in a separate post.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Well, the stories behind all racially motivated actions that have allegedly occurred recently on the Mizzou campus are beginning to unravel, as Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported a few days ago.

And yet, the scam has cost the livelihoods of at least three top officials and academics, not to mention the university's once-stellar reputation.


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