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Originally published November 10 2015

Minority mob at the Univ. of Missouri invokes financial extortion to demand president admit to 'white privilege'

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The authoritarian Left has won another victory and claimed another scalp, this time at the University of Missouri, where a minority of minority students have forced a top official to resign over "racial" issues.

As reported by Breitbart News, the president of the university system, Tim Wolfe, who is white, resigned Monday amid demands that he implement a slew of changes and "admit his white privilege" because he allegedly was not "sensitive" enough to race-related problems on campus.

As further noted by Fox News, Mizzou curators and administrators essentially lost – or surrendered – a power struggle with students; the decisive blow was when about 30 mostly black members of the football team, which has been an Southeastern Conference powerhouse over the last few years but which has only been average this year, "drew national attention to the campus protests by announcing during the weekend that they would not participate in team activities until Wolfe was removed." The team members acted in concert with a graduate student names Jonathan Butler, who was staging a hunger strike until Wolfe was removed.

The threat from team members was really little more than extortion. The football program brings in tens of millions in revenue each year, including revenues from televised games; if the university would have had to cancel this weekend's game in Kansas City against Brigham Young University it would have cost the school about $1 million. So Wolfe and the school were extorted because he is white.

'Wheels coming off' American university system

The unrest on the Mizzou campus began in September when the president of the student body, who is black, claimed people in a passing pickup truck shouted racial slurs at him. The following month, members of a black student organization (note that there isn't a "white student organization" on the university's campus – or any other American university campus, for that matter) said drunken white student shouted slurs. And recently, a swastika drawn in human feces was found in a dormitory bathroom.

The slurs – if they happened – are unfortunate. The feces could have simply been a joke, no one knows. But as is so often the case, what has happened on the Mizzou campus – and to its president – is so grossly disproportionate that it boggles the mind.

"This is less about specific allegations of unsatisfactory performance by Wolfe, and more like an avalanche of grievances that rolled into politically-correct fascist territory, complete with impromptu show trials," Breitbart News noted.

Case in point, per Fox News:

The Concerned Student 1950 group, which draws its name from the year the university accepted its first black student, had demanded, among other things, that Wolfe "acknowledge his white male privilege," that he be removed immediately, and that the school adopt a mandatory racial-awareness program and hire more black faculty and staff.

Chaos for the sake of change for the sake of chaos

Sensing yet another political victory, the academic forces of the Left went for the Wolfe's jugular. And they found it. Never mind that perhaps there aren't "more black faculty and staff" at MU because more African-Americans haven't applied; never mind that this group sought to punish Wolfe just because he's white (with this phony "white privilege" claim). Never mind that institutionalized racial discrimination was dealt with in the 1960s.

None of that matters because the real goal here is complete elimination of all opposition to Left-wing political movements. Supporters don't want "debate" and "dialogue;" they want (mostly white) opponents to shut up, pay up and be made to suffer in any and every possible way.

This can be seen in the "movement" to oust Wolfe, efforts on college campuses across the country to limit speech the Left doesn't agree with, and at Yale in recent days, where "activists" are seeking the resignation of professors who dared to argue with them about their demand for safe-space protection from hypothetical Halloween costumes.

"The wheels are coming off the American university system," Breitbart News notes, "at a time of skyrocketing tuition costs."


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