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Originally published October 27 2015

Natural News reaches 1.6 million Facebook likes as media powerhouse launches dozens of alternative news websites

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) It's been a big year for the Natural News family of media websites, and we're proud to announce that our flagship site now has its highest number of followers ever! According to Facebook statistics, Natural News now has 1.6 million followers from all around the world, and that number is only continuing to grow as we rapidly expand our content offerings and global reach.

With humble beginnings, Natural News is quickly become the world's foremost alternative and natural health news website. With soaring popularity, we're rapidly on track to overtake the "dinosaur" media in the journalistic realms of nutrition, health freedom, liberty-oriented politics, and more. And with literally dozens of new partner sites recently launched -- and many more on the way! -- it's only uphill from here.

Part of this growth spurt is due to the fact that our various partner sites like are bringing in more readers than ever. Folks from all walks of life are eager to learn the truth about how to avoid cancer naturally and how to avoid genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the foods they eat. is an excellent resource for all sorts of useful information about government, politics, freedom, corporate fascism, food, finances, economic collapse, natural healing medicine, science and technology, medicine, toxins, corrupt corporate media, social issues, and so much more.

"[] offers a collection of over 100 topic-focused news aggregation pages where you can read breaking news headlines on all your favorite topics such as fluoride, vaccines, GMOs, herbal medicine, natural cures and much more," says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

"This amazing resource offers instance access to a wealth of breaking news from independent media sources, the academic press, and even the mainstream media, all divided by columns so you can see where the news is coming from."

Natural News caters to its readers, not corrupt corporate sponsors

Quality news content can be hard to come by from sources like Fox News and CNN, which are bankrolled by chemical companies, drug corporations, and other special interests that carefully direct what you see and hear to keep you in the dark about issues that matter. This isn't the case with Natural News,, or any of the other partner sites we publish, and that's why we have such a large and ever-growing following.

Natural News will never endorse pharmaceuticals that could maim or kill you or your children, for instance, because we aren't funded by pharmaceutical companies that pull the strings behind the scenes. Just watch local or cable news commercials and see for yourself who their sponsors are -- nearly every commercial is for the latest "blockbuster" drug with a laundry list of deadly side effects.

The general public is growing weary of this type of "news," hence the success of Natural News and other like-minded independent media websites that look out for the best interests of our readers, not our non-existent corporate sponsors. And we'd like to keep it this way, hence why we urge you to tell your friends and family about what we have to offer!

"Some of the world's top authors, journalists, naturopaths and writers are now partnering with Natural News to launch their own 'partner site,' benefitting from the enormous reach of the Natural News audience on the web and across social media," adds Adams.

"All partner sites published via Natural News are nearly immune to cyber attacks, hacking attempts and DDoS attacks, making them an ideal platform for whistleblowers and industry insiders wanting to speak out anonymously."

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