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Originally published November 8 2015

Southern Poverty Law Center self-destructs into paranoid frenzy of leftist idiocy, naming nearly everyone a conspiracy theorist

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) To the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a bastion of kooky, left-wing ideology, the entire country is a conservative conspiracy wrapped in an enigma and bathed in dogma.

"Quick, do something!" begins a piece at The New American (TNA). "There are John Birch Society types ready to spread 'conspiracy theories' from the 'margins' into the 'mainstream,' and they seem to be hiding under practically every bed in America!" [Note: The New American is a publication of the John Birch Society.]

That, at least, is the general conclusion of a new "intelligence report" the SPLC has just produced.

The report, titled, "Margins to the Mainstream," asserts, "Conspiracy theories originating on the extreme right have invaded American political life. And that's not good for democracy."

"Con man and fraud"

The report essentially asserts what Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton once claimed during her husband's two terms in office – that everyone to the right of them was part of some "vast right-wing conspiracy," though the report's authors, Mark Potok and Don Terry, never really explain how this is being carried out (considering that Barack Obama is president and his policies have been extremely left-wing).

The SPLC attempts to cling to a mantle of respectability that it is given largely by progressive politicians and other left-wing organizations, though it has been labeled an "anti-Christian hate group" by the more mainstream American Family Association.

The New American further notes:

Meawhile civil rights attorney and Southern Center for Human Rights President Stephen Bright, echoing investigations and a federal judge, blasted SPLC founder Morris Dees as a "con man and fraud" who exploits naive poor people to enrich himself. In keeping with critics' accusations against the SPLC, the intelligence report reads like it's based on either a fevered imagination or blatant deception, driven by hate against those with whom it disagrees. So far, though, the report has been largely ignored.

The center's ramblings paint a broad swath – some would say a majority of the country – as counterproductive and harmful to society as a whole; anyone who is to the right of Obama or who does not share progressives' vision of bigger and bigger government are marginalized and even demonized by the SPLC.

Leftist shills, not unbiased researchers

For instance, the center has gone so far as to label mainstream Christian groups and organizations that support traditional man-woman marriage as "hate groups," but that charge, at least, did not come off without damaging the SPLC's reputation. This on the heels of being identified as working with the Obama Administration to generally demonize Jews and Christians.

In addition, The New American further reported, the SPLC has recently launched broadsides against GOP presidential contender Ben Carson for his alleged "extremism" for also supporting the Biblical definition of marriage (and yet, no one on the Left has called Potok and Terry "racists" for "attacking" an African American candidate like they did when people began criticizing Obama over his policies and beliefs).

"[T]he paranoid hysteria is starting to take its toll," TNA reported. "Indeed, while the group's every utterance once sparked a cascade of 'news' stories in the establishment press, virtually nothing has been reported on the latest ramblings, except by the SPLC and critics eager to ridicule the group."

The SPLC's primary objectives – its reason for existing – is to "fight hate" and "teach tolerance," according to its website. But like many left-wing organizations, the manner in which these objectives are achieved are questionable: In order to accomplish its primary objectives, the organization goes out of its way to "hate" and be "intolerant" of groups and individuals who don't share the SPLC's political worldview.

This, however, is lost on ideologues like Potok and Terry, who play the role of progressive shill rather than unbiased researcher. That's how you get the kind of heavily biased "intelligence reports" like that which they just produced.


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