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Originally published November 4 2015

Marine veteran Adam Kokesh hosts new podcast on TalkNetwork

by S. Johnson

(NaturalNews) Adam Kokesh is a Marine and decorated veteran of the War in Iraq and the author of the book FREEDOM! and runs the wildly popular related podcast YouTube channel. He has been arrested dozens of times and has collectively spent many months in jail for civil disobedience. Adam Kokesh once ran for Congress and has also had his own television and radio show. His book, FREEDOM!, which was started during one of his many stints in jail, was penned with the intention of teaching people how to think about deep issues related to liberty rather than just trying teach them what to think about these issues.

While serving in the Marine Corps, Kokesh was a corporal. He was honorably discharged from the military for bringing back a pistol from Iraq and also for his political activities. Since 2007, he has worked as an independent journalist and anti-war activist.

Kokesh was an active participant in Iraq Veterans Against the War. He has gained national attention for his unconventional protests over the last several years, particularly when addressing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Islamophobia, veterans' rights and services and the right to bear arms.

In 2010, Kokesh ran unsuccessfully in a primary for the Republican nomination in New Mexico, although he received nearly one-third of the votes and was endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul and the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Now, Kokesh is hosting a show on Loving Freedom. Kokesh will discuss all topics ranging from the new American revolution to nonviolent resistance. In the past, he has called for an orderly dissolution of the federal government, and his radical (and sensical) ideas will intrigue and inspire you.

Here is a line from his new book, FREEDOM!, which you can download for FREE here: "The point of the message of freedom is not simply to abolish all governments, but to abolish all tolerance for being governed." If this message rings true with you, then you need to tune into Loving Freedom.

Visit to listen to listen to the live stream of Loving Freedom, in addition to more than 30 other intelligent, cutting-edge radio shows, for FREE! The entire radio program archive will also be available without charge. Are you ready to take the red pill?

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