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Originally published November 4 2015

Kansas doctor says unborn baby is just like a breast tumor

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Have you ever wondered how some people can live with themselves or sleep at night despite all the unbelievable things they've said and done?

Just recently, the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, retweeted a statement from a well-known abortionist, Dr. David A. Grimes, who drew a comparison between a healthy unborn human being to a malignant cancerous breast that requires surgical removal (remember when doctors pledged to "do no harm?"). Unbelievable.

As reported by Breitbart News:

"Coming out in opposition to the Kansas ban on D&E abortion, Dr. Grimes tweeted: 'D and E abortion is not a problem any more than a mastectomy is a problem. Both are solutions to a problem.'"

Yes, of course. Hitler had a "final solution" to something he considered "a problem" as well, but that's another story altogether.

And this guy calls others "extremists?"

As noted by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., writing for Breitbart:

"A mastectomy is a solution, albeit a radical one, to a malignant tumor in a woman's breast that cannot be dealt with except by removing the breast itself. An abortion is only a solution if one considers a healthy human fetus to be a diseased organ that must be eradicated."

It should also be noted that Grimes is not merely defending "ordinary" abortion. A D&E abortion procedure involves inserting a Sopher clamp — a sharp-toothed instrument designed to grab and crush tissue — into a woman's womb, then grasping around blindly for anything to get a hold of and tearing it from the body.

"Michigan state Republican Rep. Laura Cox testified to the House Criminal Justice Committee that a D&E abortion 'is a gruesome, horrific and cruel type of abortion procedure whereby tiny unborn humans are literally ripped apart,'" Williams wrote, citing Cox's statement to the panel. "It seems unconscionable to me that this type of abortion exists, and it is time that this practice ended."

And abortion providers, like Grimes, call conservatives "extremists."

In 2005, notes Williams, Grimes received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Family Planning (murder of defenseless unborn babies is "family planning" — the Left can't even face it so it invents language), a group that is dedicated to "advancing science in family planning, including contraception and abortion, by funding research and promoting the expansion and dissemination of family planning knowledge."

In other words, spreading abortion as far and as wide as possible, under the phony guise of "science" and "research."

Killing babies improves the health of children

Williams says Grimes, who was a practicing abortionist from 1972 (a year before the now-infamous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in all 50 states) to 2014, is also a member of the editorial board for the SFP journal Contraception. In addition, he's also an editor and chapter authority for a recently published National Abortion Federation text on abortion.

Finally, this wonderful human being and "medical provider" is also the author of the book, "Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation," a tome that attempts to make legitimate the myths of ubiquitous back-alley abortions that were eliminated via the Roe v Wade decision.

He goes on to to make an incredible claim that the legalization of abortion has resulted in "prompt and dramatic health improvements" for children — a claim demanding that you dismiss all rational thought in order to accept it (which is something abortionists routinely do). Unless, of course, his argument is that killing off tens of millions of unborn children has resulted in better care for the survivors, itself a dubious claim.

"It is no surprise that Dr. Grimes is a darling of Planned Parenthood, given his extraordinary gift for disinformation and deception. It was Grimes who famously wrote that there is no such thing as a third-trimester abortion, and that the elimination of a fetus during the third trimester of gestation is a 'pregnancy termination, but not an abortion,'" Williams pointed out.

The Nazi and Soviet regimes definitely could have used an expert propagandist like Grimes, although the ones they had were already pretty good.


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