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Originally published November 4 2015

Loopy liberals now trying to say the definition of a 'woman' is merely a decision not rooted in biological reality

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The goofy Left is at it again, this time in the city of Houston, where its lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, once demanded that local preachers hand over their sermons to be scrutinized by the PC Police, to ensure they didn't "preach hate or bigotry."

Some time ago, Parker and the City Council managed to push for a measure with the not-so-appropriate acronym HERO — which stands for Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — a measure that, as notes, permits men to use women's restrooms in the city (what could go wrong there — right?).

Now, the ordinance is up for a vote, and the goofy Left is defending it as somehow just a normal extension of "civil rights."

As reported by The Washington Times, the debate over the issue, titled Proposition 1, has focused on whether it would permit men to use women's restrooms in public. In particular, both sides are arguing over when men are actually recognized as "men" and women, as "women."

Now, these sorts of sexually distinguishing characteristics used to be fairly obvious by the time kids reached first grade, but the loony Left has muddied the waters of late, aided in no small part by like-minded lunatics on city councils and federal and state courts. In the age of Caitlyn Jenner, where nothing is as it seems and traditional American culture and values are steadily being eroded, men can now have male chromosomes and, uh, "plumbing," but in their hearts, "self-identify" as the opposite sex.

Defining "men" and "women" used to be a no-brainer

"In a battle that has ranged from bathroom etiquette to gender rights to constitutional debates over religious freedom, a key skirmish broke out after former Houston Astros baseball all-star Lance Berkman appeared in an ad saying that the Nov. 3 ballot measure would 'allow troubled men who claim to be women to enter women's bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.' "

"Prop. 1 will NOT allow men to enter women's restrooms," a post on the website Houston Unites, the group supporting Proposition 1, refuted.

In describing and defining "men," however, the campaign excludes biological men who now identify as women. The proposition, should it pass, bans so-called discrimination in public accommodations such as restrooms, based on 15 — yes, 15 — human characteristics, including gender identity.

If you're starting to feel like your country is losing its mind, then you're not alone.

The Times notes further:

"In other words, anyone who tries to stop a biological man who identifies as a woman from using a women's room would be in violation and could face fines of up to $5,000, if the measure succeeds."

Got that? Anyone who dares call a man, a "man" and a woman, a "woman" will be fined. Can you say "insane?"

The new homosexual radicalism

"Obviously, when somebody identifies as transgender, it's a transitioning process that we don't really know where people are at in that," Richard Carlbom, campaign manager for Houston Unites, said. "Ultimately, people who live and work in society as women should be using the women's restroom, and people who live and work in society as men should use the men's restroom."

And ultimately, in days gone by, anyone who said something like that and actually believed it would have been locked away in an asylum somewhere.

Then again, this is part of the new radical homosexual/transsexual/bisexual lobby; this ordinance was pushed and has been vehemently defended by Parker, a Democrat. The only reason it is now up for a vote is because enough Houstonians signed petitions pushing for it in a case that went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.

Prior to the ordinance, Houston officials relied on Texas and federal laws, none of which included "gender identity" as a deciding factor about which private enclave people could enter to get partially naked and do their business. What's next — lawsuits for a lack of urinals in women's bathrooms?

Hopefully, most Houstonians are still competent enough to discard this administrative abomination and return the city to some semblance of sanity and order.

We'll know by November 4.


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