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Originally published November 3 2015

Rush Limbaugh confirms: Washington's news is scripted theater for the masses

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) During a recent show, top talker Rush Limbaugh observed that essentially everything Americans see and hear out of Washington, D.C., is little more than pre-scripted theater masquerading as real events unfolding publicly before our eyes. Of course, the mainstream media plays right along with all of the political theater.

While there are many examples, Limbaugh focused on the "controversy" surrounding Rep. Paul Ryan's bid to become Speaker of the House, the third in line to the presidency.

"Reuters story: 'Paul Ryan Announces Candidacy for House Speaker – Republican Representative Paul Ryan officially jumped into the race for speaker of the US House of Representatives on Thursday after nailing down crucial endorsements from conservative and moderate factions,'" Limbaugh said during his October 23 program.

"They quote Paul Ryan as saying, 'I believe we are ready to move forward as a one, united team. And I am ready and eager to be our speaker.'"

While he says he has no direct proof that the Ryan decision was preordained, he nevertheless laid out what he thinks happened in this case and many others involving so-called controversies and issues that arise in our nation's capital.

See, I don't believe that what we hear from day to day really just spontaneously happened that day in all cases. And this Paul Ryan for Speaker circumstance I think has been managed behind the scenes long before anybody ever first heard of it. And I think that there is an objective to it. The donor class wants what the donor class wants, and the donor class is not gonna be denied. They give that money to these people for a reason, and they give that money to these people in part to make sure the elections don't matter if they don't have to matter. The money is given as an insurance against you and how you vote.

Limbaugh and other political observers know that big GOP donors (and big Democrat donors) want certain things, among them amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens currently in the country. They want that because the donor class is comprised of mega-wealthy CEOs and organizations that know foreign-born labor is cheaper than American labor and can therefore boost a company's bottom line.

He also said the donor class wants the horrific Iran nuclear deal because they want to do business with Iran.

"So when we know all of that, much as it's hard to digest and as difficult as it is to accept, we know all of that, then we are treated to John Boehner supposedly getting frustrated and saying no mas, no mas, getting out of there. And now we've got supposedly a crisis. Oh, my God, oh, my God, who's gonna be the next Speaker? And then one day we're told Paul Ryan," Limbaugh said.

"My only point is that it didn't happen that way. Washington news is a script. Washington politics is a script. It is written for people in Washington, in the media, and people in political parties, those that are famous and have a role in talking and reaching the public, they have roles to play," he continued. "The short version of this is that I think, you know, Ryan had these two demands. And I think these demands were dealt with long before anybody ever heard about them. His demand was that he be elected unanimously by the Republican caucus. He didn't want any disagreement. And that was to further unity."

In the end, Limbaugh believes the donor class is hoping for a Jeb Bush presidency or someone like him in conjunction with a Ryan Speakership so that they can get their agenda passed within the first couple of years of the next administration.

"And that's why [Donald] Trump is a problem, and that's why Ben Carson is a problem, because either Trump or Carson put an obstacle in the way of the agenda happening. And I think it takes a while to write that script. I think it takes a while to put all these pieces in place."

Welcome to America 2015, where political "opposition" is an illusion and the 1 percent have purchased the lawmaking process on both sides of the aisle.

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