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Originally published October 21 2015

William Kern hosts new show on the new media TalkNetwork: The World Meets America

by S. Johnson

(NaturalNews) William Kern is the managing editor and executive director of the non-profit journalism project WorldMeets.US. WorldMeets.US gathers and translates the world's news and views about the United States and is intended to inform Americans who often do not realize how America's policies and actions affects other nations around the world.

William Kern stumbled into trans-copyediting in 2005. Trans-copyediting, a system that allows news editor to check the accuracy of human-translated copy, connects Americans to news that they may have never had access to before. From Paris to Baghdad to Caracas, Worldmeets.US connects the United States to global perceptions about our nation. This fascinating work is Kern's own life work that reveals to Americans how the non-English global media covers the United States, both informing Americans and also cutting through U.S. propaganda.

In 2007, Kern incorporated Worldmeets.US Inc. as an educational non-profit, and over the years, Kern, along with his team of global translators, have translated thousands of columns into English, with topics ranging from politics to culture and history.

Following Snowden's revelations of the NSA surveillance state, Kern's work took on a new urgency. This led Kern to launch The World Meets America Report on, the new media radio network. On his show, Kern discusses everything from human behavior to discerning truth from mainstream media fiction. He will take a look at what the MSM is telling the nation, and will discuss how to find an alternative, more valid way of looking at things. is not FCC-regulated, which means that it is not censored or controlled by the federal government. Kern's genuine journalism on his new show will be produced by legendary radio producers David Rubini and Don Naylor.

Visit to access the entire schedule for all shows on the network, as well as access program archives for FREE!

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