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Originally published November 2 2015

Hordes of immigrants now suing Germany for not giving them free government handouts quickly enough

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) No political leader or pundit who supports massive immigration from the Muslim-dominated Middle East into Christian-centric Europe has yet to adequately explain why the exodus of refugees fleeing turmoil in the region can't find a home in another country in their own neighborhood.

Nevertheless, tolerant, liberal-socialist Europe began welcoming tens of thousands of the displaced, opening their borders and their social services to the masses.

Weeks later, European nations are now beginning to slam shut their open front doors one by one after being overwhelmed by foreigners who have begun making too many demands on their generosity – demands that the European public are no longer prepared to tolerate.

In Germany, as reported by the Express, about 20 Syrian refugees have actually filed suit against the government alleging that they have not been permitted to register for asylum quickly enough, thereby denying them the ability to access the general German social benefits provided by taxpayers.

Generosity of allowing refugees entry is not enough

The suit, which was filed against the Berlin state Government, is demanding immediate access to shelter and benefits after they had to wait little more than a week to be registered by officials. The suit comes as "serious splits have emerged in Angela Merkel's government over how to divide economic migrants from genuine refugees fleeing war-torn countries," the Express reported.

Because the German government had initially allowed so many migrants to enter the country, hundreds seeking asylum are still waiting to be registered amid large backlogs at Berlin's main refugee center.

Every day, large crowds gather outside asylum offices and refugee centers; many of them claim they have already been waiting for weeks to be registered. Until their papers are processed by the State Office for Health and Social Affairs, refugees cannot access government refugee centers or benefits.

Some refugees have begun to panic, knowing that the bitter German winter is just around the corner. More than 170,000 migrants flooded into Europe as a whole in September alone as the unprecedented crisis continues to spiral out of control.

The lawsuit is just the latest development likely to further inflame tensions between Berlin and German citizens, many of whom are angry at the government's previous open-door policy of welcoming so many migrants.

In addition, Chancellor Merkel has also angered many Germans by pledging to grant refugees automatic citizenship. Opponents of the policy claim it is acting as a magnet for more refugees; this is similar to the way President Barack Obama's lax enforcement of U.S. immigration laws drawn in tens of thousands of mostly young people from Mexico and Central America.

In Germany, "transit zones" have been established on the country's borders, where migrants will be kept until asylum claims are assessed. However, Merkel said the proposal would only work in certain cases and would "not help for thousands and thousands of refugees."

Europe now has a U.S. problem

The exodus has caused a major backlash against migrants and refugee-seekers. Agence France-Presse reported that Germany's PEGIDA movement held a rally September 19, exactly one year after its formation, "highlighting a European backlash towards a massive influx that has heaped pressure" on Merkel and other European leaders.

The PEGIDA demonstration came a day after voters in Switzerland returned a historically strong result for a populist party that is known for its anti-immigrant campaigns as well as others that target Islam in general. The demonstration also comes on the heels of a knife attack on a German candidate for a local mayor's race because he championed refugee causes.

Besides Europe, the so-called backlash against illegal immigrants is gaining momentum in the United States as well, fueled by much the same thing: too many migrants making too many demands on a taxpayer-funded welfare and social benefits system that is overly generous and none too discriminating in deciding who qualifies.

In fact, illegal immigration and Obama's open-door policies are precisely why billionaire Donald Trump is leading the GOP presidential polling, because he has pledged to dutifully enforce the laws and put American citizens first.

Now, it seems, Europeans are making the same demands of their leaders.

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