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Originally published October 30 2015

Days of Chaos: The L.A. Marzulli Show to premier on

by S. Johnson

(NaturalNews) Prolific author and distinguished filmmaker L.A. Marzulli is jumping on board the new media mothership,

Marzulli will be accompanied by more than 30 other passionate, articulate and highly intelligent radio talk show hosts at; a self-described media mothership that empowers individual voices of liberty to tell the truth about everything from natural cures to the global debt-based financial system. Show topics vary considerably, ranging from the nature of consciousness to the impending economic collapse, so something is sure to capture your interest.

Marzulli is the author of eight books including The Nephilim Trilogy, which made the CBA Best-Seller list. He attained an honorary doctorate for the series from his mentor Dr. I.D.E. Thomas. Marzulli's new work, On the Trail of Nephilim, uncovers evidence of a massive cover-up of what he believes to be the remains of nephilim, otherwise known as the giants mentioned in the Bible. He is currently working on Vollume II, which will unearth even more evidence, photographs and interviews than his previous work. He has spoken at numerous conferences/churches, and made multiple guest appearance on radio/television programs.(1)

L.A. Marzulli's podcast, Days of Chaos: The L.A. Marzulli Show, will cover a vast array of topics including UFOs, the nephilim, ancient prophetic texts and more! This is a show you won't want to miss. is the first of its kind in the sense that it has no investors, no loans, no corporate control and no reliance on outsider advertisers for a revenue stream. In other words, is not influenced by the political agendas behind today's mainstream broadcasters.

Click here to see the full show schedule on, where you can listen to the live stream of Days of Choas: The L.A. Marzulli Show, or download all of his archived shows for FREE.

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