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Originally published October 5 2015

Why CA Senator Richard Pan would support forced organ harvesting of American children

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The man responsible for the passage of SB 277 — an egregious new law in California eliminating personal and philosophical vaccine exemptions for school-age children — has publicly admitted that his fanatical support for forced vaccinations is about promoting "the greater good", rather than the individual. And such a belief system, if taken to its logical end, would also presumably embrace things like forced organ harvesting from living children — even if it meant benefiting the greater good of society at the expense of a single human life.

California Senator Richard Pan, a medical doctor, says he's vehemently opposed to parents exempting their children from "mandatory" vaccinations because he believes that parental authority and informed consent aren't as important as pushing his jab agenda. He, together with others in the lunatic vaccine fringe, is of the persuasion that everyone benefits from forced vaccinations, even if it means harming a few children along the way.

Even if vaccines did work as claimed (which they don't), this philosophy that the ends somehow justify the means is a slippery slope when it comes to medical choice. If parents aren't allowed to decide whether or not their children are jabbed with heavy metals, live viruses and aborted human fetal tissue, what are they free to do? If medical fascists like Sen. Pan decide one day that society can benefit from some children giving up their lungs for medical research, is it too far to think that policies could be enacted mandating "weaker" or "dumber" children to give theirs up to support the human "herd?"

This type of thing is already happening in Communist China, where religious prisoners are currently being murdered and having their organs harvested so that "transplant tourists" have easy access to healthy vital organs. These individuals, most of whom come from the Falun Gong religious sect, are viewed as less important to Chinese society than tourists willing to pay top dollar for human tissue; thus, the Chinese government continues to turn a blind eye to this ongoing human rights atrocity.

Will Sen. Pan call for mandatory organ harvesting if it can advance "herd immunity"?

Forced vaccinations really aren't that much different from forced organ harvesting when considering the harm they inflict on the weakest and most immuno-compromised members of society, all in the name of "herd immunity." Proponents of mandatory jabs don't care that thousands of young children are harmed or killed every year by vaccines because they see this as a necessary outcome of protecting the larger "herd."

All of those unfortunate young girls who become paralyzed or lose brain function following vaccination with Gardasil, for instance, aren't people whose lives are worth saving. The vaccine mafia sees them as necessary casualties in their endless war on infectious disease, which idealizes disease eradication over individual lives.

If losing a few thousand children to vaccine injuries every year is no big deal as long as everybody is being vaccinated, why not sacrifice a few thousand more children with healthy vital organs so the rest of society can benefit from medical research? This type of thing is already happening to the unborn and partially born, thanks to Planned Parenthood, so again, it's not all that far off.

Sen. Pan's twisted philosophy about vaccines fits nicely into a much larger eugenics agenda that values idealism over individual human life. Creating what he sees as the perfect, disease-free society is clearly more important than protecting individual life, so there's really no telling what he and his ilk might come up with next as an affront to personal medical liberty.


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