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Originally published October 21 2015

Susan Kornacki and Sharon Schloss shed light on raw truth at

by S. Johnson

(NaturalNews) Susan Kornacki and Sharon Schloss are part of a powerful lineup of 28 intelligent, passionate hosts on the new – a liberty-based "new media mothership" that empowers individual voices of liberty to tell the truth about everything from natural cures to the global debt-based financial system. Show topics run the gamut from consciousness and awakening to self-reliance and homesteading. Susan and Sharon's program, The Activation Hour, is here to see us all through this global shift and awaken us to a higher state of consciousness.

This hour-long program was created to bring hard-hitting raw truth from a divine feminine standpoint, bringing light to new issues in the emerging paradigm and deconstructing the control matrix. Each week, we will be featuring topics ranging from health and environmental issues to spirituality and new energy technologies, and more, plus interviews with unique individuals working in upcoming and suppressed fields of research.

Susan currently serves as the Director of Communications at the Resonance Project Foundation. As a specialist in the field of conscious leadership development and emotional intelligence, she has published work as a lead author on a contribution to "Applying Emotional Intelligence," is the lead developer and author of a series of activities, reflections and exercises titled "Teaching Emotional Intelligence Skills to Others," and is a co-author of a chapter in Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life.

Sharon Schloss is an anti-geoengineering activist, researcher and writer from Los Angeles. She devotes her life to studying and raising awareness of these catastrophic covert operations, and runs the website The Chembow ( and the blog site Somewhere Under the Chembow (, where she educates the public about climate engineering, its negative impact on people and the environment, and how to use orgone energy to clean up the atmosphere and neutralize harmful EMFs. Sharon also serves as the co-host of The View From Marrs, with Jim Marrs on, covering Jim's areas of expertise including 9/11, the JFK assassination and the shadow government.

Click here to see the full show schedule on, where you can listen to the live stream of The Activation Hour, or download all of his archived shows for FREE.

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