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Originally published March 31 2015

Google now censoring vital medical information to push Big Pharma's vaccines

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Google's succinct corporate motto, "Don't be evil," is soon to take a huge hit as the search engine giant implements a new algorithm to actively censor information deemed "untrustworthy." According to reports, the current system, which ranks search results based on popularity, will soon be replaced with a new one that filters out alleged "misinformation," which includes medical resources that question vaccine safety and effectiveness, as well as other establishment "facts."

Dubbed the "Knowledge Vault," the new system is an automated version of Google's current "Knowledge Graph," a manually compiled fact database that relies on shared links to determine what's factual and what isn't. Though admittedly consensus based, the Knowledge Graph still allows for "alternative" information to show up in search queries, given that enough other websites link up to it.

But the Knowledge Vault is different in that it will actively filter out whatever Google deems to be "misinformed" or "false" -- a modern-day Ministry of Truth, if you will, like the kind referenced in the famous George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Google-conceptualized "truth" algorithm, in other words, will bring to the table only what the establishment wants you to see rather than what you actually want to see.

"[The Knowledge Vault] promises to let Google answer questions like an oracle rather than a search engine, and even to turn a new lens on human history," wrote Hal Hodson for NewScientist about the concept, which he refers to as "the largest source of knowledge in human history."

Google already filtering out vaccination truth websites from search queries

According to The New American, Google has already implemented a medical "truth" algorithm that actively filters out search results that contradict official medical "facts." This includes anti-vaccination websites deemed a threat to the medical status quo, even when such websites are backed by peer-reviewed data showing that vaccines pose real health risks to children.

One popular mainstream media "news" source published an article earlier this month lauding Google's medical censorship algorithm because it didn't return any "anti-vax" websites when performing a search for "measles." Somehow in the minds of these thought-control fanatics, Google eliminating vaccination skeptics pages from search results is "fantastic," according to this particular site (which we won't link to here).

"Truth-according-to-Google means that anti-vaccination websites no longer make the cut, despite the fact that recently released federal statistics reveal the risk to children's health posed by vaccines is overwhelmingly greater than that posed by the diseases these medications are formulated to combat," writes Rebecca Terrell for The New American.

Google's free speech suppression agenda threatens to halt progression of science

Google users should be deeply concerned about the direction this search engine giant is taking with regards to free speech. The fact that Google is already censoring alternative health resources from search queries suggests that the multinational corporation has already breached its "Don't be evil" policy, and has no qualms about continuing to do so.

As University of Maryland professor Jim Purtilo recently told Fox News, such illicit conduct by the world's most well-known search engine threatens to hinder scientific progress in a major way.

"It could make it more difficult for bright young people to bring about the next revolution in science," he explained about Google's new policy of active censorship. "After all, most of today's established science came about because someone challenged the herd mentality of yesterday."


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