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Originally published October 19 2015

Scientists develop GMO polio viruses to inject into children as profit-generating cancer treatment

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The latest cancer treatment idea to come out of the biotechnology pipeline isn't safe and effective, all-natural cannabis oil -- no, it's a highly questionable genetically engineered polio virus that scientists from Duke University in North Carolina plan to inject directly into children's brains to supposedly eradicate cancer tumors.

A multi-million-dollar effort to develop an artificial, cancer-killing virus led researchers from Duke's Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center to construct a mutant polio virus that reportedly contains added genes from the cold-causing rhinovirus. This genetic combination, say developers, appears to target cancer cells while avoiding healthy cells.

Belonging to a class of viruses dubbed "oncolytic," the supposedly cancer-fighting GM polio virus (PVS-RIPO) has been designed to directly infect cells containing receptors for it, which researchers claim are only present on tumor cells. Once attached to these cells, PVS-RIPO is supposed to kill the tumor cell without actually causing polio.

"PVS-RIPO kills cancer cells, but not normal cells, because its ability to grow (and kill) depends on biochemical abnormalities only present in cancer cells," explains a press release. "Safety testing in non-human primates and human patients has shown no nerve cell killing, no ability to cause poliomyelitis, and no ability of PVS-RIPO to change back to wild type poliovirus that can cause poliomyelitis."

GM polio virus vaccine for cancer linked to major adverse effects

This all sounds good, except for the fact that the plan is to inject this GMO virus directly into children's brains. It's unclear from the available literature exactly how long the researchers tested the PVS-RIPO before declaring it to be safe, but nearly every GMO currently on the market was only tested for a maximum of 90 days by its manufacturer prior to gaining approval.

"PVS-RIPO is infused directly into a patients' tumor (e.g. in the brain)," say developers. "This assures that the maximal amount of virus is delivered directly to the tumor."

And while the Duke press release originally stated that "there have been no toxic side effects with PVS-RIPO whatsoever" (this has since been removed without explanation), an earlier release by the Cancer Network that contains more thorough clinical trial data suggests otherwise. According to Phase I trial data, adverse events associated with PVS-RIPO include hemiparesis (paralysis), intracranial hemorrhage at catheter removal, lymphopenia (abnormally low lymphocyte levels in the blood), seizure, hyperglycemia, lethargy, headache, diarrhea, paresthesia and hyperbilirubinemia (too much bilirubin in the blood).

So much for not causing adverse effects. And then there's the fact that PVS-RIPO is technically a live virus vaccine for cancer, which means that it likely comes with many of the same risks associated with other vaccines, including direct exposure to a host of chemical agents, heavy metals, adjuvants and other vaccine additives.

Cannabis is a much safer option than GMO poisons for treating cancer

Somehow, injecting synthetically derived organisms containing unnatural DNA directly into children's brain tissue doesn't seem to be the most prudent method of targeting cancer. Even if the treatment appears to work initially, there's no telling the long-term harm that will almost certainly manifest as the body tries to rid itself of this toxic poison.

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