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Originally published April 21 2015

Parents react to vaccine industry propaganda infiltrating US schools

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Corporate and government vaccine pushers are increasingly using the nation's public schools to spread propaganda, but parents in many areas are pushing back against the onslaught.

As reported by The Daily Sheeple, one of the site's readers recently submitted some actual homework assignments -- which allegedly came from an elementary school that was not identified -- titled "Medicine." The documents attempt to indoctrinate young students into believing that vaccines (and with them prescription drugs) are the primary route to overall health, if not the only route. The papers appear to convey a message that, without them, society would experience a major lack of health.

As The Daily Sheeple's Heather Callaghan further notes:

Sadly, this is not for Health Class! Like so many other assignments we've seen, this is for a staple class (the three Rs) but produces propaganda about an unrelated topic. We've seen this happen for math classes in story problems. In the upper right corner is the word "comprehension" indicating that this is from Reading class.

Also, Callaghan noted that the classwork papers were not actually brand-new; they were copyrighted 1995.

Please don't send home propaganda

The child's parent, however, appeared to be having none of it; the parent X'ed out the entire assignment but wrote a comment that left nothing to the imagination:

Please send home different work! I have decided to not have [the student] do this homework and will ask to not have her do school or home work on drugs and shots!!

This is a serious and complicated issue that should be between
[her] parents and her healthcare provider. At her age, she cannot make informed decisions about the risks.

This appears to be propaganda!

Thank you

An explanatory paragraph on the assignment embraces the notion that vaccines are vitally necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The paper suggests that, by taking them, students will never contract measles, mumps and other contagious childhood diseases (which is false; even vaccinated children contract and spread these diseases).

On the worksheet, for example, question No. 4 asks the student to identify a word "that means 'medicine that that keeps you healthy'" -- with the "correct" answer being "vaccine."

At the end of the paper is an open-ended question that seeks to find out how the child will respond to a question along the lines of whether vaccines are the same as taking care of yourself properly and will always prevent disease. Overall, it is a comprehension assignment -- in that the child is intended to comprehend the vaccine propaganda and medical dogma being offered so he or she can repeat it back to the teacher.

The implications, of course, are very real: If children are indoctrinated to unquestionably accept vaccination, it will be much easier for Big Pharma and Big Government to push vaccines as the "best way to good health," despite evidence that vaccines can and do cause injury.

Even Sesame Street is getting into the act.

In this YouTube video, the character Elmo is pushing vaccines with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

They're going after our kids

Elmo is at the doctor's office and is "worried" about "getting a shot" -- a "vac-cin-na-tion," he sounds out -- and he wonders why "everyone needs to" get them.

Murthy then proceeds to ask Elmo some comparative questions:

Do you carry an umbrella when it rains?

Of course, says Elmo.

Do you wear a helmet when you ride a tricycle?

Of course, responds Elmo -- doesn't everybody?

Just like an umbrella protects you from the rain, and a helmet protects you from hitting your head, a vaccine protects you from germs.

Murthy then says, "Your body can protect you from germs," to which Elmo responds, "Oh, good! Then Elmo doesn't need a vaccination!"

Hold on there, says Murthy. Vaccines are necessary!

See the video here.

The vaccine pushers have decided that, in order to dispel any argument over vaccine dangers, they are going after our children early and often.

Like good propagandists.


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