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Originally published October 4 2015

CLAIM: CNN photoshopped picture of UCC shooter to make him look white

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Another mainstream media outlet has bee accused of trying to manipulate the public's perception, likely for political purposes, in what will further erode trust of the network itself as well as the news industry in general.

Reported by The Gateway Pundit and The Conservative Treehouse, news channel CNN reportedly altered a photo of Christopher Mercer, the 26-year-old man who committed mass murder at an Oregon community college last week, to make him look Caucasian.

Mercer, who was born in the UK, had a white father (Ian Bernard Mercer) and a black mother (Laurel Margaret Harper). His parents divorced in 2006, The Conservative Treehouse noted.

As you can see in the photos below, there is quite a bit of difference
in Mercer's "complexion." The photo on the left is how he normally
appears; the photo on the right is the one reportedly broadcast by CNN.


Changing and hiding details because the killer is a member of a politically protected class

In addition, though Mercer's name as it appears on his birth certificate is Christopher Sean Mercer, yet the mainstream media for some reason is calling him Christopher Harper Mercer.

As further noted by The Conservative Treehouse, Mercer's story is similar to an earlier one involving another black suspect, Eric Sheppard Jr., a "Black Lives Matter, "F**k The Police" and Islamist radical who touted a philosophy of black supremacy similar to that of the New Black Panthers. He gained notoriety briefly when he organized an event at Valdosta State University to stomp on an American flag.

Following that event, and after police filed an arrest warrant against him for firearms violations, and after he sent a racist manifesto to a local Georgia newspaper, he was eventually arrested by U.S. Marshals in Tampa, Fla. After that, his story disappeared from the headlines and has not resurfaced since.

In reviewing the social media footprint of Mercer, it was discovered that his worldview is nearly identical to that of Sheppard's. In fact, Mercer "was essentially the mirror image on social media as Eric Sheppard Jr.," The Conservative Treehouse reported.

"Mercer held sympathetic words and thoughts for the Virginia shooter Vester Flanagan, and similarly raged against white people, and expressed sympathy toward the Black Lives Matter movement," the site reported, as the image below demonstrates:


But now, just a few days after Mercer's horrific murders – in which he asked his victims if they were Christians before he shot them, another aspect of this story that is being underreported – all of his social media presence has been eliminated or heavily edited (as this site proves [this is an archived page, since Black Lives Matter organizers blocked access to the original page] – see the comments section).

So, yet again, the mainstream media is crafting a narrative for political purposes – changing the story and omitting details, in this case, to hide the true identity of the cowardly murderer. Had he been a white Christian fundamentalist or a white supremacist like the coward who gunned down worshippers in an all-black church in South Carolina, the media response would surely be different.

Media conglomerates that few trust

Then again, this should not surprise anyone. As Natural News has reported, nearly all the information we receive is controlled by just six mega-corporations. But just 30 years ago, 50 companies owned most of the media in the country.

And, as Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported at the end of 2014, the mainstream media regularly hides, obfuscates or outright lies about critical details in stories that aren't deemed politically correct.

It's no wonder that the the alternative media is growing so rapidly while the legacy media is shedding readers – and revenue – as quickly as its credibility. It's no irony that alternative media reported on details of the Mercer story that are being ignored by mainstream media.

That helps explain why Americans' trust in the mainstream media is at a historic low.


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