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Originally published September 15 2015

Go-to guide for healthy teas

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) Every moment of every day, someone is making an unnecessary trip to see a doctor. Doctors often feel pressured to intervene with drugs and tests because so many patients are clueless and out of touch with their own body signals and imbalances. Medical doctors can only do what they know best: collect insurance reimbursement by scheduling needless tests and prescribing unnecessary drugs.

Something as simple as dehydration or malnutrition often gets blown out of proportion and treated as some far-fetched medical condition. The cycle of medical system dependence begins when people fundamentally misunderstand their own health. Most of these unnecessary doctor visits could be completely eliminated if more people understood the medicinal, restorative qualities of herbal teas.

Learning to work with individual herbs and raw teas to prevent and alleviate illness

For convenience reasons, many consumers buy pre-packaged boxes of herbal tea bags from the grocery store. These herbal blends do provide some health benefits, but in order to get the most medicinal qualities out of herbal teas, consumers should purchase each ingredient individually in its raw form. To preserve their medicinal qualities, teas should be kept dry and out of sunlight in a temperate location.

By purchasing individual herbs and teas raw, a person can closely study how each herb functions. This learned knowledge can be applied to each individual's own body and awareness when they drink the tea and assess its results. As a person becomes more comfortable using the herbs, he or she can begin to combine them into tailor-made tea mixes. Herbs can have a more healing effect (synergy) when their properties combine. Raw teas can be made on the stove in simmering hot water (not boiling) for 20 to 40 minutes. Any loose plant material can be strained using a funnel strainer or cheesecloth.

Over time, a collection is formed as people study various herbs. The potential tea combinations make up a person's own apothecary or herbal medicine cabinet. Learned knowledge combined with personal intuition can be applied to feel, foresee and prevent maladies and sicknesses before they take hold.

Nutritionist confirms health benefits of herbal teas that many people experience

Nutritionist Neema Savvides provided MailOnline with some important, basic information about some common herbal teas. She said that jasmine tea boosts sex drive, ginger tea eases morning sickness and nettle leaf tea soothes hay fever.
The health benefits of herbal teas are endless and are available without a doctor or a prescription. No permission is needed to be healthy. The answers exist in the plants that grow from the earth. This infinite field of botanical medicine is not included in the mainstream medical doctor's education. Individuals are free to explore and strengthen their own health by using herbs, roots, berries, barks and spices from around the world. Herbal teas can be healthy and delicious.

*Author can confirm, through experience, all healing actions of the herbal teas described above

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