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Originally published October 6 2015

New propaganda study conflates lunar delusions with science-based vaccine skepticism

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) If you question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, you probably also believe that rhinoceros horns are a magical healing potion and that the moon is an astrological wizard directing human activities like childbirth and mental health. This is what a new study out of the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) says, anyway, the latest bunk "research" to emerge that attempts to pin vaccine skeptics as deranged conspiracy theorists.

UCLA professor of planetary astronomy Jean-Luc Margot believes that having concerns about injecting your baby with toxins like mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal tissue and live viruses through modern vaccines somehow equates to believing that the earth is flat or that people become more violent when there's a full moon. These and other deluded opinions have somehow made it into the peer-reviewed journal Nursing Research, proving once again that modern "science" is largely propaganda with an agenda.

The ridiculous paper, which claims to show "how intelligent and otherwise reasonable people develop strong beliefs that are not aligned with reality," is clearly intended to patronize anyone who doesn't eat up the status quo. Margot likens holding beliefs that are inconsistent with what the government or medical authorities claim as indisputable fact to "poor brain hygiene," similar to "allowing your teeth to decay."

"The societal costs of flawed beliefs are enormous," he wrote in an article describing his paper, following this up with a skewed statement about how the recent measles outbreak occurred "because of questionable beliefs related to the safety of vaccines." Vaccine-preventable diseases, contends Margot, "are killing people because of beliefs that are out of step with scientific facts."

To believe that vaccines work as claimed is the real delusion

The irony in this, of course, is the fact that the Disneyland measles outbreak did not occur because of the unvaccinated -- this is pure delusion, and Margot is a hypocrite and a liar for stating this unproven claim as fact. If anything, the measles outbreak likely started because a recently vaccinated person was shedding live virus from the vaccine, something Margot fails to mention as even a possibility.

It's somewhat hilarious that this type of propaganda just so happens to come out right after the mainstream media makes a huge deal out of what can only be described as a false flag "outbreak" -- an overhyped, fear-driven, hysteria-drenched form of psychological warfare designed to scare people into getting their children vaccinated.

For Margot and others to suggest that being skeptical of vaccines represents a "questionable belief" akin to also believing that leeches draw out evil spirits is absolute lunacy. The science isn't at all settled on the vaccine issue -- in fact, there's plenty of published science to suggest that vaccines don't work as claimed and can cause permanent damage in children.

From an immunity standpoint, vaccines provide only temporary immunity, at best. Since they override innate immunity, they also categorically damage natural immunity and greatly increase the risk of immune dysfunction, behavioral disorders and other serious health problems. Vaccines have also been proven to damage the thymus gland, which prevents the immune system from fully developing its proper defenses.

"The immature thymus gland is similar to the immature ovary," explained vaccine expert Dr. Robert Rowen, M.D. "It comes into the world with so many (but a fixed number) primitive thymocytes (thymus immune cells), each of which has the potential to develop into a full line of immunity against a pathogen."

"[W]hen given vaccines, like those our rulers mandate to our children, the thymus glands of... young rodents got depleted of these precious irreplaceable cells, up to a 70% loss. ... Imagine losing 70% of the muscle of your heart. Yes, you would be a cardiac cripple."

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