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Originally published September 30 2015

SB277 Referendum Facebook page vanishes; questions remain unanswered

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) UPDATE: Natural News has now heard from Tim Donnelly and we are expecting an update from Tim very soon; the title of this article has been changed to reflect this. The following article was written before we heard from Donnelly. What follows is the original article:

Sometime during the evening of September 29, the official SB277 Referendum Facebook page vanished. It's unclear whether the page was censored, removed deliberately or affected by technical difficulties.

Hundreds, if not thousands of referendum volunteers and supporters were anxiously replying to a thread on the group's Facebook page seeking answers regarding the initiative's outcome.

On September 28, the referendum announced that the movement had been "sabotaged from without and within by powerful forces from its very inception..." but failed to offer details.

As we previously reported, several sources informed Natural News that signature counts in numerous counties were tallying up far lower than earlier projections, with some suspecting referendum leaders of foul play.

Two weeks ago, referendum leader Lauren Stephens announced that they had received an estimated 300,000 signatures, as well as a generous donation of $150,000, bringing their total funds raised to over $300,000.


Currently, it's still unknown how many signatures have been validated; however, election officials have eight working days to tally them, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Natural News has been unsuccessful in reaching referendum leaders Tim Donnelly and Stephens for comment. Donnelly has been unreachable. While Stephens responded to comments on the group's Facebook page, they lacked substance, frustrating volunteers and leaving them even more confused.

Natural News reached out to Stephens on numerous occasions through the group's Twitter and Facebook pages, both of which have been operated by her throughout the duration of the movement; however, she has not responded to our requests for an interview.

Natural News has wholeheartedly supported the movement against mandatory vaccines and will continue to do so.

We are available to receive information and updates and will do our best to keep the public informed.

You can learn more about Dr. Richard Pan, the bought-out politician who is SB277's most prominent supporter, at Also, check out to monitor news related to mandatory vaccination and other important topics in real time.

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