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Originally published October 1 2015

Volkswagen emissions scandal proves it's a far greater sin in America to kill the air than to kill people

by Jennifer Lea Reynolds

(NaturalNews) The Volkswagen scandal, in which the admission that 11 million Volkswagen-made cars used software that tricked official emissions tests, has shocked the world. Everyone from Volkswagen employees and owners of the cars to financial analysts and environmentalists are in a state of flux over this mind-boggling news.

"Using a defeat device in cars to evade clean air standards is illegal and a threat to public health," says the Environmental Protection Agency's Cynthia Giles. It has been noted that in some instances, when the company's diesel cars were able to detect they weren't hooked up to emissions testing equipment, that upwards of 40 times the allowable U.S. standards for pollution were emitted, raising serious air quality concerns.

Therefore, it's no surprise that just a day after the finding was announced, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned. It's also no surprise that Volkswagen is facing stock woes and upcoming class-action lawsuits from its customers. It's also expected that the company -- which has provided rather modest election-time contributions throughout the years -- will face billions of dollars in fines.

As innocent babies are killed daily, we're more focused on punishing a car company over the threat of air pollution

While this is certainly a serious issue, it's interesting to note the distinct difference in the attention and punishment that this shocking announcement is receiving compared to the killing of innocent babies or selling their body parts for profit.

For example, why is it that Planned Parenthood's Medical Director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, hasn't resigned, yet some sneaky car software and related air quality concerns have led to Volkswagen's CEO's resignation? Nucatola, you may recall, has been the center of attention ever since undercover videos surfaced in which she spoke to potential baby organ buyers (actors) about the details of the process, right on down to a buyer's ability to specify the age and desired body part.

The EPA's Giles talks of the Volkswagen issue as "a threat to public health." Of course poor air quality is a threat. However, is tormenting and ultimately taking innocent lives not also a threat? In fact, this is much more than a threat considering the fact that it involves killing an innocent baby. It's an action -- much more serious than a mere threat -- that's carried through with ill intent from start to horrific finish. It happens day in and day out, with proponents barely even blinking an eye. Even worse, Americans are forced to subsidize these cruel acts. Through taxes, we're ultimately supporting and building up the powers that be who are in favor of organ harvesting and infanticide.

Time to focus on other, more serious issues instead of coming down so hard on Volkswagen

The threat of air pollution due to some emissions tests trickery gets some mega attention in which people feel forced to leave their jobs almost immediately. A CEO resigns. Employees are on edge. The news has created a world that wants to see justice harshly served. People are shaking in their boots, pointing fingers and practically waiting for ash to fall from the sky as they say, "Look at what Volkswagen did!" though their face masks. The world is focused on fines and lawsuits and is undoubtedly conjuring up other punishments to unleash in the future involving the Volkswagen issue. Again, it's a concern, but why is everyone seeming to jump on the harsh punishment bandwagon when other pertinent issues in the world persist?

Emissions trickery and air pollution gets CEOs to resign and puts huge fines in action, but what about Planned Parenthood officials who hold meetings with potential baby organ buyers and discuss death? Sadly, they get a mere slap on the hand, if that. Each has its story, but only one results in immediate pain and death. And we're coming down hard on a car company and the air?

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