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Originally published September 21 2015

How corporate #gaywashing is pushing all sorts of poisons on gays

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) It's gotten to the point where you can't turn on the television or listen to the radio without hearing some sort of "news" or show or advertisement pushing a radical anti-Christian agenda. Indeed, the political left under Barack Obama and his democrats have launched a full-out assault on traditional American values, but they aren't really doing their protected classes much good.

Take a recent Tide detergent commercial that bashes Christians while promoting gay rights – and, more specifically, gay marriage.

The commercial opens with a man and a priest in the distance standing at the opening of a church. Two men dressed in tuxedos and holding hands come into the camera's view and begin walking towards the church entrance.

Once there, the woman – an older lady meant to look conservative and "stodgy" – stops the couple and declares, "How offensive! I won't let you blemish the sanctity of marriage," as the couple begins to protest. Suddenly, the woman produces a Tide "To Go" stain remover pen, blots out a stain on one man's white tux shirt, and then says, "There. Flawless. Carry on, boys." Cue the church organ music.

"You can watch TV until your brain turns to Jell-O, but you will never see a commercial that sides with normal, decent Americans against the militant degenerates who rule us through the courts," declares the blog site Moon Battery.

Even more than that, however, is the fact that Tide – indeed, corporate TV – is pushing such harmful chemicals on the very class of individuals it claims to be championing. This is just another example of #gaywashing.

As Natural News reported as long ago as 2010, laundry detergents in general – Tide included – contain a toxic blend of chemicals and compounds that are anything but the wonderful, fresh, fragrant and wholesome substances they are portrayed to be.

"Although these commercial detergents may take the stains off your favorite pair of jeans, they are leaving something else far worse behind," our Elizabeth Walling wrote at the time.

What do these detergents contain?
As Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted in this piece, Tide isn't the only corporate conglomerate poisoning gays and lesbians with their products:

Frito-Lay has just introduced "Rainbow Doritos" which pander to gays and lesbians, insulting their intelligence by hoping they will blindly eat genetically modified corn chips laced with MSG and chemical colors just because it's all packaged under the "rainbow banner."

He says to expect more #gaywashing in the future as companies increasingly push harmful products and chemicals on a politically protected population as a way of showing support.

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