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Originally published July 15 2015

After parroting Monsanto talking points, Washington Post now covers up organ harvesting of babies

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The Washington Post, a legacy newspaper of the mainstream media Left, has long been a shill for the world's biggest biotechnology company, Monsanto, which is king of the GMO industry.

As Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has pointed out, the entire editorial board at the Post consists of "hilarious quack science Monsanto operatives pretending to be engaged in reporting real news."

"It's so bad," he continues, "that key articles published by the Post now appear to be 'written' by Monsanto, with the 'Greenwashington Post' parroting Monsanto's quack corporate 'science' talking points."

That's far from the only example, mind you. As I have reported before, the Post, along with other legacy media like TIME, the L.A. Times and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few, are also hacks and shills for Monsanto (which likely spends millions a year purchasing advertising in many of these publications).

But the Post's slanted reporting regarding Monsanto is especially disturbing because it is considered by many to be the "paper of record" for the nation's capital; there are other Washington, D.C.-based newspapers and news websites, but none with the same prominence.

Habit of engaging in propaganda and cover-up

However, publishing questionable Monsanto "science" is far from the only journalistic sin committed by the Post; in recent days, the paper's managing editors altered headlines pertaining to stories regarding the horrific, grotesque (and illegal) sale of aborted baby body parts to downplay the significance of the crime.

After an undercover investigation video went viral showing a senior Planned Parenthood official discussing how the organization's abortion doctors carefully remove aborted babies so PP can harvest and sell their organs, the Post published a story with the phrase "organ harvesting" in the headline. But shortly thereafter, the online headline was changed to imply that the PP scientist identified in the video was merely discussing "research."

This was identified by readers and observers and duly noted on Twitter:

-- [email protected] changes original #PlannedParenthood headline from "organ harvesting" to "research" w/o noting change

— American Elephant (@AmericnElephant) July 14, 2015

-- Hi @sandhyawp Who at Wash Post changed the headline on the PP organ harvesting story?

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) July 15, 2015

@AmericnElephant @seanmdav Next version will say "Anti-choice radicals seek to eliminate research that saves millions of lives."

— Joseph Zucofski (@jwzgames2u) July 14, 2015

A screenshot of the differing headlines can be seen here.

In addition, according to the NewsDiffs website, which is dedicated to tracking editing changes to online news stories, the original Post story itself was changed. Despite the changes made after the article was published, the paper made no announcement to indicate that the original had been edited.

The timing of the headline change and story edit appeared to coincide with Planned Parenthood putting out a statement regarding the video, in which the organization claimed that it was "heavily edited" and claimed there should be journalistic balance.

The Post's journalist practices are as bad as the cover-up

One of the changes made by the Post editors included taking out a sentence about the Planned Parenthood official "sipping red wine" while discussing how her abortion doctors preserve the organs of the aborted baby while "crushing" it. And the paper added this sentence: "In the video, Nucatola appears to allude to methods for carefully extracting the organs." (Nucatola is Dr. Deborah Nucatola, PP's senior director of medical research.)

Also, the edited version contains an entire new paragraph regarding fetal tissue research:

In the 1980s and 1990s, researchers considered fetal tissue transplants a budding treatment for Parkinson's disease and diabetes. Some believed they held the potential to prevent autism.

And yet in the video, Nucatola is clearly bragging about how unborn babies are aborted in specific ways so as to protect body parts that are later sold for profit.

It is difficult to know what is worse: the Post's journalistic sins or the lengths to which the paper's editors have gone in order to protect a "health service" with which they personally agree.


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