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Originally published September 22 2015

FLASHBACK: Jimmy Kimmel making fun of vaccine-injured children - How low can he go?

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) It wasn't long ago that late-night comedic fool and shameless propagandist Jimmy Kimmel conjured up a chorus of laugh(track)ter from his zombie audience recently when he decided to make a tasteless mockery of all parents everywhere who choose not vaccinate their children.

In a vile bit that even some pro-vaccine fanatics admitted crossed the line, Kimmel jumped on the pro-vaccine bandwagon with all the usual, tired straw man accusations about vaccine opposers worshiping Jenny McCarthy, believing everything they read in chain emails and doing all their research on Google.

In a gross display of shocking insensitivity, Kimmel and his demonic minions also put together a vile "public service announcement" with supposed "real doctors" who chastised parents for not vaccinating. Replete with censored expletives (because bleeped-out curse words are apparently quite hilarious to Kimmel's childish and brain-dead sheep viewers), the announcement was meant to publicly shame all parents who think for themselves, including those who now have vaccine-injured or vaccine-killed children.

The Kimmel PSA clip is so vile, classless and offensive that we aren't going to link to it here (and add any more views or popularity to its rankings). But the following quotes will give you an idea of the type of devilish agenda we're dealing with here:

"I am a doctor," states the first person shown in the PSA, with a stethoscope wrapped around her ironically overweight body. "Hey, remember that time you got polio? No, you don't, because your parents got you f***ing vaccinated," she crassly adds.

"I did four years of undergrad, four years of medical school," states another one of the featured "doctors," whose sentence emphasizing her own perceived self-importance is finished by the first woman who adds, "and three years of pediatric residency" -- as if 11 years' worth of studying the Merck manual and learning virtually nothing about nutrition or immunology makes these people oracles of wisdom on all things vaccines.

"Get your g*******n kids vaccinated!" screams another hateful medical fascist into the camera as a laugh track rolls.

There's a special place in hell for Kimmel and his vaccine-worshiping, cursing "doctors"

Really classy, Kimmel. And that's some great evidence you've got there as to why parents should forego all the actual scientific evidence out there showing that vaccines are toxic and potentially deadly -- including the package inserts included with every vaccine!

We can only wonder what the parents of Jessica Ericzon, who was found dead on her parents' bathroom floor just two days after receiving her third and final injection of the Gardasil vaccine for HPV, must be feeling now as they're ridiculed by a bunch of conventional stooge doctors and cursed at on late night trash television.

Or the parents of Kaylynne Matten, who developed a severe headache and deadly fever after getting a flu shot. Young Kaylynne reportedly stopped breathing and died in her mother's arms on the way to the doctor's office -- this was after her parents followed the recommendations of folks like Kimmel's cursing doctors in getting their g*******d children vaccinated!

Kimmel, ABC, the cursing doctors and the shameless hyena audience that laughed at such mockery of these and countless other dead children surely won't be laughing on judgment day when they're banished to that special place in hell that's reserved for all who caused "the least of these" to stumble -- or in this case, to die at the hands of evil eugenicists pushing vaccine quackery for "the greater good."


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