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Originally published September 19 2015

Magical Kingdom of Unemployment: Disney replaces American workers with cheap foreign workers on H1B visas

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) As noted in a recent column by Ben Domenech, founding editor of The Federalist and senior fellow in health care at the Heartland Institute, Republicans on Capitol Hill and their staffers seem genuinely baffled by the rise of 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner and billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Many of them have privately opined that Trump actually does not represent the Republican Party at all (although he recently signed a pro-GOP pledge) and that he would destroy it if elected.

In reality, Trump supporters counter, the Republican leadership has done more damage to the party's brand over the past decade than anything the billionaire real estate mogul could possibly do, mostly by promising to pursue what used to be cornerstone conservative principles and policies and then once in the majority, bowing to every liberal/progressive initiative pushed by President Obama.

One case in point, say Trump supporters, is the GOP leadership's outright refusal to seriously challenge Obama's flagrant abuse of authority in granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and deportation deferrals. Another, they say, is the GOP's willingness to look the other way on massive legal immigration that is hurting American workers.

Trump's message on immigration – legal and otherwise – has been fairly consistent since he launched his campaign: he aims to put Americans first when it comes to immigration policy, which means he will end policies that hurt American workers and adopt measures that better protect them since he won't have to placate big donors who want more immigrants.

There is no doubt that Trump has been influenced in large part by stories like one told by a former employee of the Walt Disney Co. who was recently replaced by a lower-wage worker from another country.

Immigrants displacing American workers

Writing anonymously at Breitbart News, the former employee says cheap foreigners here on H1B visas are replacing thousands of Americans, many with families and/or years of experience with their former firms.

"I used to have a dream career at one of Americas most iconic and admired companies. Twenty years of hard work, technical skill building, the fostering of relationships and a bachelor's degree in Information Technology guided me to a coveted position as an Information Technology Engineer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida," the former employee wrote.

In mid-2014, the ex-Disney Cast Member wrote, the company made an important change: it hired a new Chief Information Officer (CIO), Tilak Mandadi, to run the Parks and Resorts Division of Disney. Huge changes would soon follow for the ex-employee and hundreds of this person's co-workers.

The ex-employee recounted what happened while navigating traffic en route to work one day a few months later in October. "I was able to glance at my company issued iPhone[.] I noticed an early morning meeting invite from a prominent Disney Executive. This really sparked my interest since it is not very often that I have heard from him and even rarer when I would actually see him in person."

Republicans, like their Democrat counterparts, want even more cheap immigrant labor

When the employee got to that early morning meeting, he or she noticed that the conference room where the meeting was to take place was filled with other Disney employees who, like the ex-employee, were exemplary at their positions. Many of them had even been recognized as exemplary by the company. As the meeting started, a "grim-faced Disney executive" delivered shocking news: everyone in the room would be losing their jobs to a foreign worker. They had 90 days to train their replacement and if they complained or spoke about the meeting, they would lose their severance pay. If the company felt as though the fired employees had not completely trained their replacements, the employees would be held until the company was certain.

"My coworkers and I felt extremely betrayed by Walt Disney World, a company for which we had worked so hard," the ex-employee wrote.

What's worse is that there are several Republicans – including a GOP presidential contender, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida – who support legislation aimed at increasing H1B visas so that even more cheap foreign labor can be imported by U.S. corporations to displace American workers.

Read the full story here, and you'll understand why the GOP leadership just doesn't get it and why Trump is doing so well in the polls.

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