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Originally published August 25 2015

How Monsanto gave rise to the dark era of agricultural fascism

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Germany is prepared to follow Scotland's lead in seeking to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops in Europe's largest economy in what appears to be more rejection of top-down, Nazi-like authoritarianism over the country's food supply.

As reported by Bloomberg Business, the German Agriculture Ministry is planning to officially request that producers of GMOs exclude the country when applying to peddle seeds inside the European Union, according to Christian Fronczak, a ministry spokesman. Earlier in August, Scotland took similar measures.

"The German government is clear in that it seeks a nationwide cultivation ban," Fronczak told Bloomberg by phone from Berlin. "There's resistance from all sides, from the public to the farmers."

Berlin is set to take advantage of new measures that permit countries to opt out of the GMO crop markets, though such decisions are being vehemently opposed by large agri-business firms that develop genetically modified foods and seeds, such as Switzerland-based Syngenta AG and its American rival, Monsanto Co.

Germans saying no to GMOs

GMO seeds are mostly banned throughout the EU because of their deleterious effects on the environment and human health.

Monsanto, of course, says the products are safe but the German people aren't buying it.

In requesting the GMO ban, the Agriculture Ministry is also seeking backing from state ministries in a letter sent to them in recent days, according to Fronczak. The federal ministry gave state ministries until Sept. 11 to reply; if no objections are heard, then the German government will officially ask companies to exclude the country from applications to sell GMO seeds.

Monsanto and Syngenta, however, are not likely to take the ban request lying down. If history is a guide, both companies are prepared to force their will on all of Europe. The usual method is lobbying – that is, throwing around tens of millions of dollars to buy friends and influence all the right people.

In the meantime, it's worth mentioning that such tactics have a history in what can only be remembered as Germany's darkest time – the rein of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party.

As we have reported:

Big Pharma monopoly called IG Farben, which was short for Interessengemeinschaft Farben. When Hitler took over a new country, he would replace their "drug stores" with his own, and this helped him weaken the enemy.

Monsanto's fascism

This is where the agri-giants like Monsanto and Syngenta come in. There are two types of entities in the world today – those that seek to empower you and those that seek to control you. The Monsantos of the world are the latter, just like the Nazis.

"Hitler was all about controlling everyone's thinking, not just the Jews. Hitler wanted everyone to be racist and followers of his mental scheme to have one race run the world. He was a murderer and had millions of people tortured/gassed as a means to his end," wrote S.D. Wells.

"Biotech and GMOs today are not much different. Millions of people yearly suffer and die from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, strokes, Alzheimer's, heart disease and plenty of other PREVENTABLE DISEASES" that are caused by, or hastened by, such foods and the companies that produce them, Wells continued.

During the reign of Hitler, Nazi scientists whose job it was to find more efficient ways to kill Jews and others deemed "inferior" developed a number of techniques, to include various kinds of gasses. But also, these same scientists developed what became known in modern medicine as chemotherapy, a process that essentially addresses a mutated gene problem by further mutating genes.

How is that much different than mutating strains of fruits and vegetables to "resist" weeds and pests, especially when said mutations have only led to further mutations, like the development of "superweeds" that become resistant to Monsanto Roundup and other GMO-related mutations?

Germany appears ready to shed even more of its authoritarian past by refusing to bend to Monsanto's will. That's a good thing, no matter how you look at it.


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