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Originally published September 15 2015

Mike Adams explains the health risks posed by conventional dentistry at the FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit

by Natural News Editor

(NaturalNews) Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger, is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist and science lab director. He is the founder and editor of, the internet's most-trafficked natural health news website. Adams is scheduled to give a speech at the free Holistic Oral Health Summit starting September 28. Click here to sign up for the Holistic Oral Health Summit for free!

The topic of Adams' presentation is "Conventional Dentistry – A risk to society." His talk includes:
Mercury toxicity is of particular interest to Adams. "The (conventional) dental industry continues to be based in toxic substances," he explains. "Toxic practices that contaminate waterways – a lot of that mercury goes right down the drain – it pollutes the environment but it also, of course, contaminates the bodies of dental patients and practicing dentists themselves."

He also contends that the use of mercury has adverse psychological ramifications. "Mercury can make you go mad," he says. "This is why dentistry has a higher rate of actual mental madness than almost any other profession."

In addition to publishing thousands of articles, Adams uses as a platform for other forms of creative communication – including music videos, infographics and cartoons – that combine humor or satire with an educational message.

And goes beyond just identifying problems, by offering practical solutions. In the realm of dentistry, Adams advises readers to:
As director of the affiliated Forensic Food Lab, Adams developed the Metals Capturing Capacity index, which identifies foods that are most effective at binding with toxic elements in the body. It turns out that mercury is the most easily captured toxic element. The test results are published periodically, so readers can keep updated on which foods are best at capturing and eliminating mercury – and other toxins – from the body.




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