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Originally published September 8 2015

MSM claims to support blacks but totally censors CDC scientist admission that vaccines cause autism at higher rates in black babies

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The inconsistencies and lies of the mainstream media in its selective reporting on world events is nothing new to the seasoned truth-seeker. But the way the American corporate media is handling (or not) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower saga, including the revelation that the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella causes autism in young boys, and especially in African American boys, proves once again that this massive propaganda machine is definitively not working on behalf of We the People.

In what is perhaps the biggest vaccine scandal in recorded history, the CDC whistleblower case blows a major hole in the official government narrative that all vaccines have been proven 100% safe and effective, including the controversial MMR vaccine. This claim was proven false when Dr. William Thompson, a former top-level CDC scientist, came forward with game-changing information about how agency scientists met together in secret to scrub the official "science" of all traces of evidence linking MMR to autism and autism-like diseases.

Dr. Thompson's confessions about his involvement in this CDC scam were immediately picked up by a host of independent media outlets. But you'd be hard-pressed to find any mention of them from sources like Fox News or CNN, which are too busy making up tales about mass shootings for the purpose of stealing your guns and inciting civil war to bother with the facts about how taxpayer-funded agencies like the CDC are propagating scientific fraud in order to continue injecting children with deadly vaccines.

According to Dr. Thompson, the original MMR study data that weren't tampered with by criminals at the CDC pointed to a substantially increased risk of autism among young boys who receive the shot prior to age three (which includes nearly all baby boys born in the U.S. today). And African American boys are especially prone to developing autism from MMR, he says, as the original data demonstrated a more than threefold increased risk among black boys younger than 36 months of age.

Congressman Bill Posey of Florida recently issued a statement about this epic scandal, openly admitting that CDC scientists set out to destroy all evidence of any link between MMR and autism. You can read his statement here:

If black lives matter, then why isn't the media warning African Americans that MMR vaccines harm black babies?

One would assume that such pertinent information would be plastered across the corporate media 24/7, considering how much the talking heads on television like to drag on and on about supporting black causes. Media puppets and the White House alike were quick to call for the removal of the Confederate battle flag following the manufactured Charleston shooting, because not doing so might "offend" the black community. But vaccines that kill black babies? Not worth mentioning, apparently.

Somehow, we're all just supposed to ignore the fact that a chemical-laced vaccine jab is injuring children left and right, especially within the black community. It doesn't really matter to the corporate media propagandists that black babies have a demonstrably higher risk of developing autism from MMR vaccines, but if a piece of American history is allowed to remain at a memorial site in South Carolina, well, we just can't have that!

These media whores clearly have their priorities out of whack. Because if there's any piece of information that would actually help the African American community today, it would be to warn them to stop getting MMR vaccines, not to attack white people over a piece of red, white and blue cloth. Naturally, this same warning about not getting MMR vaccines is also pertinent to Caucasians, Latinos, Asians and all other ethnic groups as well.

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