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Originally published September 6 2015

Dr. Robert Kleinwaks explains the healing power of positive thinking and healthy eating at the Holistic Oral Health Summit

by Natural News Staff

(NaturalNews) Dr. Robert Kleinwaks brings 20 years of chiropractic experience to this year's Holistic Oral Health Summit. He owned the largest health and wellness center on Long Island, N.Y., and completed post-graduate work that detailed the impact that positive thinking can have on human well-being. After carpal tunnel forced Dr. Kleinwaks to retire, he took a position for one of the largest motivational speaking companies in the world. He traveled to countries across the globe, speaking about how healthy eating and thinking habits empower human flourishing.(1)

After serving for five years as a motivational speaker, Dr. Kleinwaks had a brush with mortality. He was diagnosed with stage 4 large-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; as doctors somberly note, there is no stage 5. Despite a grim diagnosis, Dr. Kleinwaks refused to let sleeping dogs lie.(1)

"I went to the gym 2 – 3 days per week, played tennis 2 – 3 days per week, I was the last person in the world that I thought could get cancer," said Dr. Kleinwaks. "I think the biggest problem that we run into is that we don't listen to what we're thinking. We don't listen to our own innate response. My innate response was something else is wrong and, believe me, lots of people have the same response but instead of following that response they go to what they think is a 'higher power' – which is a doctor with a degree – when really the higher power is you. Your common sense, your innate intelligence telling you there's something wrong here."

"So, the first thing I thought about, right away, was it had something to do with my mouth. I don't know why, but we talk about that innate feeling that it was something that was causing this and my innate feeling was it had something to do with my teeth."

By drastically changing his diet, removing mercury fillings from his teeth, pulling out root canals, and even consulting spiritual medical healers, Dr. Kleinwak shocked the medical community when the tumors that plagued his lungs and abdomen vanished seven weeks after the dental procedure. To this day, the tumors have not returned.(1)

The experience led Dr. Kleinwaks to start his own company called Eat and Think 2 Win. He serves as highly esteemed national and international speaker, and continues to spread his message about how nutrition and positive thinking can drastically alter one's destiny.(1)

Dr. Kleinwaks is a gifted orator. Audience members can expect to not only to be educated, but inspired and motivated as well. In addition to recapitulating his remarkable fight against cancer, Dr. Kleinwaks will shed light on how poor oral health can stress immunity and trigger cancer, as well as share the single best health tip, especially for cancer patients! This is a talk that you won't want to miss.

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