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Originally published August 29 2015

Negligent New Zealand parents feeding infants soda in baby bottles, causing teeth to rot

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) Out of the shadows of convenience and ignorance emerges a new form of parental negligence that is starting to look a lot like child abuse. Parents who have no basic understanding of nutrition and hydration are depriving and even harming their children in life-altering ways.

Toddlers as young as 18 months are now losing their teeth because their parents are routinely giving them sugary drinks - primarily soda, which is made with teeth-rotting phosphoric acid.

In New Zealand, some dentists are beginning to see several children whose teeth have dissolved down to the gum line. Rob Beaglehole, a New Zealand dentist, said he has treated a two-year-old who routinely drank Coke from a baby bottle. The child's teeth were not only decayed to the gum line but they were also bleeding.

Beaglehole also recently pulled several teeth from an 18-month-old whose teeth had only begun to come in that year. Beaglehole is so overwhelmed with toddlers losing their teeth that he's become an anti-sugar lobbyist to the New Zealand government.

Disillusioned parents giving children Coke in their bottle to "make them happy"

As a dental officer for the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, Beaglehole has seen several severe cases where toddlers' new teeth were already rotting out. In one case, he extracted 11 teeth from a three-year-old who was routinely pacified with a sipper bottle full of Coca-Cola. The parents said the Coke keeps their kid "happy."

In another case involving a three-year-old, Beaglehole had no choice but to pull four teeth, give four fillings and put in another four stainless steel crowns. He quickly found out that the child's parents put Milo in the child's baby bottle. The toddler was allowed to sip on it all night long.

Beaglehole confirms that each procedure, which costs around $4,000, would never need to happen if parents understood what they were really doing to their children by letting them drink soda from their bottles. Making a child "happy" is not about appeasing them with sugary drinks and processed fast food. A child is genuinely much happier receiving the necessary nutrients, fiber, essential fats and minerals that promote quality of life from the inside out.

Parents quick to appease their children, whose brains are addicted to corporate flavor science

Every year, at least 3,500 children are taken to a dentist to have rotten teeth extracted. Sugary diets heavy in sodas and junk foods are not just destroying dental health. Rotten teeth are also a sign of worse problems occurring within the child. One must ask if any calcium, magnesium, or zinc is even being absorbed by these children's bodies. Their cells are being starved. The phosphoric acid is pulling beneficial nutrients from the body and preventing the children from growing.

Many parents default to appeasing their children in a cycle of junk food because food and beverage companies have already engineered their products to addict people to them. Excitotoxins like aspartame and MSG addict the brain to the junk food by exciting neurons to their death. In a similar way, sugary sodas cause a rise of dopamine in the brain, addicting people to feelings of pleasure in much the same way that illicit drugs work.

As children line up to have their rotten teeth removed at three years of age, two years of age, or even 18 months, it's becoming apparent: the world is suffering from nutrition starvation. Sugary junk food advertisement has taken over the minds of parents, stifling out the importance of nutrition education. Now it's all starting to look like child abuse as parents put Coke in their toddlers sippy cups and haphazardly watch their teeth decay.

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