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Originally published August 25 2015

Global stocks in freefall mode as economic collapse unfolds

by Natural News Staff

(NaturalNews) China, the world's second-largest economy, continues to show signs of a sharp slowdown, unnerving investors everywhere as markets begin falling worldwide.

According to Jim Cramer, the Chinese market needs to reset. By his estimation, the Shanghai Composite Index needs to lose 35 to 40 percent of its value. Before that happens, if it does, he warns that there are U.S. companies with stocks which are vulnerable to China's decline.[1] Another question to consider is what the Federal Reserve's ultimate decision will be concerning interest rates. Markets must be stable before an interest-rate hike, but as the Dow continues to fall, that scenario seems unlikely:

"The Chinese have created an air of fragility around the globe. Markets will now surely have to firm up considerably for the Fed to pull the trigger next month," said Deutsche Bank analyst Jim Reid.[2]

Natural News's Mike Adams warned readers on Aug. 17 about the serious potential for worldwide market collapse:

If this covert war between China and the United States continues to escalate, it would ultimately devastate the economies of both nations. Both China and the USA are currently experiencing shockwaves in their stock markets as bubble economies built on debt begin to unravel.

In these times of shaky financial foundations, it doesn't take much to topple public faith and unleash a mass exodus away from currencies and markets. It's also clear that the United States considers currency games to be acts of war while justifying "kinetic responses" to such events.

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