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Originally published August 24 2015

Forget everything else and do this one thing if you want to lose weight

by Natural News Staff

(NaturalNews) A lot goes into losing weight, but your success may actually hinge upon just one thing.

Your level of stress.

The link between stress and obesity has been so well established that it's no longer contested by any credible source. Every legitimate medical, nutritional and obesity research outlet agrees. Western medicine and alternative practitioners are united on this one.

The biochemical relationship between high stress and obesity is not a myth. Stress makes it so much harder to lose weight due to the tidal wave of hormonal changes that comes with it.

If you accept this link between high stress and obesity, you'd actually be better off focusing on a strict stress elimination protocol, rather than a strict dietary regimen.
Impact of stress on weight loss

High stress:

• Prevents break down of fat and causes your body to store fat.
• Causes hormonal changes that make you insatiably hungry.
• Causes unhappiness, which leads to reward eating.
• Contributes to impaired sleep, which inhibits weight loss.

The problem is further compounded by medical syndromes that make losing weight even more unlikely, such as metabolic syndrome.

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