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Originally published August 24 2015

Disconnected is the new security feature: How hyperconnectivity is dangerous to human civilization

by Natural News Staff

(NaturalNews) In the age of hyperconnectivity, people have access to a sea of information with the click of a mouse. While the internet has radically changed how information is disseminated, it has also made it increasingly difficult to protect one's privacy. The internet has become the backbone of the world's infrastructure, which has caused many people to question its safety.

"In the mad rush to achieve hyperconnectivity, people have forgotten that living a life of sanity and security requires firewalls between various areas of your life. You don't want your mobile phone monitoring everything you say at a weekend party, and you don't want your private, personal life shared with everybody at your place of work. 'Connectivity' is pushed as a panacea, but it's actually a curse," explained Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of Natural News.

Hyperconnectivity literally means too much information. The statistics speak for themselves: Approximately 300 hours worth of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute; an estimated 81 percent of companies are planning to have machine-to-machine initiatives; and by 2020, the number of smartphones, tablets and PCs in use is expected to reach 7.3 billion. The world is engaged in a very loud, ongoing conversation, most of which is absolute garbage.(1, 2)

Corrodes cognitive abilities

The internet is paraded as a great way to conduct research. Unfortunately, the internet is a greater source for distraction too. Facebook and Twitter are constant temptations, which cause students to procrastinate from their school work and, in turn, become less productive.

In some ways, hyperconnectivity actually corrodes human thinking. Rather than follow a single line of thought to its logical ends, people consume discontinued snippets of information by the spoonful. In the same way that the stomach is not designed to digest an excess of calories, the brain is not designed to digest an excessive amount of information. By shoveling chunks of information down their throats, hyperconnectivity thwarts people from comprehending what they are consuming.

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