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Originally published August 20 2015

Texas woman becomes weight loss sensation after ditching diets, losing 160 pounds with healthy food choices

by Natural News Staff

(NaturalNews) Forget fad diets... and don't leap into unhealthy shortcuts like bariatric surgery. The new weight loss paradigm is based on making informed, daily choices about healthy eating. Using this simple system of avoiding liquid sugars and eating whole foods like quinoa and fresh vegetables, a Texas woman named Teena Henson achieved extraordinary results without dieting. Over two years, she accomplished a 160-pound drop in body weight and restored herself to a remarkable state of fitness and health — all without resorting to fat diets, weight loss pills or risky surgery.

How did she do it? Her success story baffles those steeped in the American culture of quick fixes and fashionable shortcuts. Henson simply did something that's increasingly rare in modern society: she took responsibility for her own health and stopped blaming everyone else for her obesity. By understanding that she was responsible for her own health — not her doctor and not a drug company — Teena Henson was able to start making deliberate, daily choices that moved her in the direction of weight loss success.

Those choices included things like switching from fried foods to grilled foods, eating whole foods instead of processed foods, and giving up sugary sodas altogether. Those seemingly simple steps, combined with walking as a form of gentle exercise, delivered extraordinary results: they took Henson from 332 pounds down to 166, shedding literally half her body weight.

Simple solutions elude a shortcut culture

What's so remarkable about this story is not merely the fact that Henson dropped half her body weight through simple changes in diet and exercise. What's remarkable is that such a success story is so rare: in a culture of dietary shortcuts, a woman who decides to make healthier lifestyle choices stands out as truly extraordinary.

Most approaches to dieting, of course, rely on dubious diet drugs or diet supplement pills that accomplish nothing. Diet fads restrict people to extreme, single-food regimens like eating only grapefruit or cabbage — a sure way to develop nutritional deficiencies. And extreme dieting surgeries rely on the removal of significant portions of healthy organs as we see in bariatric surgery.

While pills, fad diets and surgeries are increasingly popular, they are rarely effective. Henson's true achievement was in recognizing that up front. As reported by

In the past, Henson would put herself on diets to make everyone happy, but they wouldn't last long. There was an endless array of rules, from eating nothing but grapefruits to nothing but carbs, until she realized that "diets" just weren't for her.

"For me, 'diet' is a four-letter word for failure," she said.

What she was looking for was a lifestyle change. And not because her friends and family wanted it for her, but because she wanted it for herself.

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