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Originally published August 20 2015

Western medicine abandoning all medical ethics: forced vaccinations, abortion profiteering and the silencing of dissenters

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The country that our Founding Fathers envisioned -- one that champions freedom of religion, freedom of speech and individual liberty -- is rapidly turning into a totalitarian police state of the type from which these brave men fled, both medically and socially. Americans are losing their right to eat clean food (e.g. The DARK Act), choose their own doctors (Obamacare), and even make their own medical decisions (forced vaccinations), among many other escalating restrictions on liberty.

There is a demon under every rock, it seems, as corrupt politicians working on behalf of powerful corporations strip us all of our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as provisioned in the Constitution. But because of the way the national conversation is being framed, many Americans have been tricked into believing that these federal power-grabs are actually working on our behalf when government cronies attempt to outlaw mandatory GMO labeling, for instance, or restrict the types of treatments available to cancer patients.

What this scenario amounts to from a health and medicine perspective is a total abandonment of all medical ethics, which more people need to realize is a bedrock of freedom. If individuals aren't free to eat healthy foods and choose how best to treat themselves when they become ill (rather than be told what to do by Pharma payrolled doctors), then they're nothing more than slaves to the fascist state. And this is where we increasingly find ourselves as legislators piss away our right not to vaccinate or speak out against institutionalized quackery like chemotherapy in exchange for a few bucks from Big Pharma.

"As a board certified cardiologist who runs a holistic practice, the ability and right to help patients outside of the guidelines must be maintained," writes Dr. Jack Wolfson of Arizona, who in recent months has experienced his own persecution by the medical-industrial complex for speaking out against the dangers of childhood vaccinations, including Senate Bills SB 277 and SB 792 in California.

"Should all cancer patients be coerced to undergo chemotherapy or radiation if it is against their will? Should statin drugs be mandatory? Do we really want to live in a country where there is only one medical opinion and that opinion is crafted by pharmaceutical companies and doctors on its payroll?"

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Mainstream medicine driven by greed, control and eugenics

Ever since the manufactured Disneyland measles outbreak made global headlines, establishment doctors and health authorities have been demanding that parents no longer have the option to reject vaccines for their children. It doesn't seem to matter to these control freaks that vaccines permanently injure and even kill some children because they've bought into the lie that everyone needs to be vaccinated in order to establish the mythical "herd immunity."

This is just one example where freedom of choice is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and medical mythology. In more recent days, Planned Parenthood was exposed as a baby chop-shop operation where aborted human tissue and vital organs are being sold illegally to biotech firms that use such materials to develop new pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Though such vile activity is prohibited under federal law, constituting a felony crime, Planned Parenthood executives have yet to be prosecuted for their gross misdeeds. And virtually none of the folks who are calling for parents to be punished or even imprisoned for refusing vaccinations seem to have anything to say about this taxpayer-funded, pro-abortion group exploiting murdered babies for profit.

This is the New American way, unfortunately -- whatever makes the fat cats the most amount of money, even if it costs precious human life, is open game. And speaking out against it, well, that's off limits.

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