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Originally published August 16 2015

Cassandra Callender gives first interview after being kidnapped by Connecticut and forced to undergo chemotherapy

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A clear case of medical assault and battery against an underage girl, the harrowing experience of Cassandra Callender is finally getting told in her own words. For the first time since being released from the medical prison known as Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Cassandra has appeared on camera to tell all about how state officials abducted her and forced her, without consent, to undergo toxic chemotherapy treatments for a diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Long before her full last name was released publicly, Cassandra's story was mostly being told by the mainstream media, which skewed the facts in the state's favor to gloss over the illegal abduction of this minor against her and her mother's will. For the simple act of trying to seek a second opinion for a questionable diagnosis, Cassandra was punished by the state and forced against her will to be injected with chemical poisons that could have killed her.

In an exclusive interview with The Truth About Cancer, Cassandra divulges her experience being taken away by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), which along with a 12-officer police escort, kidnapped her from her home, strapped her down, sedated her and forced her to take chemotherapy. If Cassandra had had the choice, she would have opted for an alternative treatment.

You can watch her full video interview below:

Medical persecution is alive and well in Connecticut

What this brave young woman had to go through is every parent's nightmare -- abduction by the state, forced medical treatments with toxic side effects, threats of jail time, separation from one's child. It's the type of torture one would expect to hear about taking place against terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, not underage American citizens with potentially life-threatening illnesses.

What the state of Connecticut did to Cassandra is nothing short of criminal, and every bit as much evil. You simply have to hear her tell the full story in her own words to truly grasp how far medical totalitarianism has encroached in violation of personal medical choice and parental rights, both of which were trampled upon in Cassandra's case.

To be clear, Cassandra's initial diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma wasn't even definitive -- doctors didn't know what she had, but decided that she would have no choice but to undergo chemotherapy. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Help support Cassandra in her fight to opt out of chemotherapy and attain medical freedom by contributing a financial donation

Cassandra needs our prayers and support. She won't turn 18 until September 30, and she's due for a second round of screening before then after tests revealed that the initial, five-month chemotherapy regimen to which she was forcibly subjected didn't work. This means there's a chance she could be forced into a second round of chemotherapy against her will, which if it didn't work the first time most definitely won't work a second time.

Cassandra and her mother are currently evaluating how to proceed with their case. Based upon what Cassandra has already gone through, she seems to have a solid case against the state which, with the right attorneys involved, could eventually see heads roll. In the meantime, her story needs to be spread far and wide, and the evil deeds of DFS, Connecticut Children's Medical Center and all the others involved exposed for the world to see.

You can help financially support Cassandra and her journey towards true healing without chemotherapy by visiting her GoFundMe page here. There, you'll have the opportunity to read more about her case as well as provide much-needed support as she faces the state, hopefully, just one more time.

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