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Originally published August 11 2015

Monsanto to organize panel of corrupt, sellout scientists to review its glyphosate herbicide after WHO labels it "probably carcinogenic"

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Incensed over the revelation that its most popular weedkiller product causes cancer in humans, chemical giant Monsanto is now in rabid damage-control mode. The multinational purveyor of patented genetically-modified (GM) seeds and crop chemicals has announced plans to assemble a panel of "experts" to challenge World Health Organization (WHO) findings that glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Roundup herbicide, is "probably carcinogenic to humans."

Monsanto speciously claims the panel will be composed of "independent scientists," while at the same time admitting to paying a private consulting group to put it all together. In other words, Monsanto is once again purchasing the "science" it needs to claim that glyphosate is safe, just like vaccines, pharmaceuticals, DDT, Agent Orange, fluoride, and everything else the eugenicists claim is good for us!

According to an announcement by Reuters, Monsanto's "scientific" panel, which is being put together by Intertik Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy, will be composed of "medical doctors, cancer experts, and individuals with doctoral degrees who are specialists in public health." Company president Brett Begemann let the cat out of the bag as to the true purpose of this panel when he admitted to the media that it would "review the data thoroughly" in order to rectify the "confusion" created by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) report.

This is thinly-veiled code for: We don't like the findings of IARC, so we're going to come up with our own findings and stamp "science" on them in order to keep selling as much glyphosate as possible. Whether or not anyone will fall for this little trick is anyone's guess, but with propaganda ministers like The Washington Post presumably ready to peddle such nonsense, chances are Monsanto will get away with this blatant attempt at scientific fraud.

Monsanto: We want to regulate ourselves, and declare all our products to be safe

Humorously, Monsanto tried to demand in the days immediately following the release of the IARC report that the international body simply retract it, or else! When this lame bullying tactic didn't work, Monsanto decided to instead create its own "science" to contradict the IARC report, apparently believing that the public will just accept whatever Monsanto declares to be truth about its own products.

It is precisely because of this type of corporate cronyism that we have independent research bodies like IARC in the first place - to put evil corporations like Monsanto in their place when they try to peddle poison on the masses for profit. Though not all decisions by WHO and its associated agencies are valid, IARC's specific mission is to uncover cancer-causing agents in our world, which included glyphosate.

"There are a number of independent, published manuscripts that clearly indicate that glyphosate ... can promote cancer and tumor growth," stated Dave Schubert, head of the cellular neurobiology laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, to EcoWatch. "It should be banned."

It is safe to assume that Monsanto's developing "expert" panel won't come to this same conclusion, though. Hiding behind empty rhetoric and false promises, Monsanto continues to grasp at straws in a failed attempt to hold back the floodgates of truth that threaten to unravel its entire business, which was illicitly established from its very start.

"As a result of WHO's rigorous and independent review, the link between glyphosate and cancer has now been greatly strengthened," adds Schubert, who along with other independent groups is now urging the Obama administration to take action to protect Americans against this ubiquitous toxin.


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