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Originally published August 6 2015

AIDS vaccine fraud just the latest example in long line of Big Pharma criminality

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The recent sentencing of Iowa State University scientist Dong-Pyou Han, who admitted to falsifying study data to promote a bogus AIDS vaccine, has become a major scandal in the national media. But it's really just par for the course in a long line of criminal behavior by the drug and vaccine cartel whose very existence is predicated upon fraud and deceit.

In case you missed it, Han, who worked with a team of scientists to develop an experimental HIV vaccine, was outed for spiking rabbit blood with human antibodies in order to make the vaccine appear effective. The vaccine didn't work, in other words, so Han deliberately tampered with it to achieve the desired test results.

Such behavior is nothing new for Big Pharma, of course. But Han actually got caught and the mainstream media decided to pick up the story, bringing to light a brand of white-collar crime that's more prevalent than most people think.

Here are a few prominent examples of rampant Big Pharma criminality that have occurred over the past several years:

• In 2012, British pharmaceutical kingpin GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) admitted to criminal fraud that resulted in a massive $3 billion fine. Among GSK's misgivings was the company's involvement with altering study data to make deadly drugs like Paxil and Avandia appear safe and effective.

• In 2014, Danish scientist Poul Thorsen was exposed for producing a whole slew of fraudulent papers "disproving" the link between vaccines and autism. Thorsen stole millions of dollars from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to perpetuate the ruse and line his own pockets in the process.

• Also in 2014, CDC senior scientist William Thompson confessed to his involvement in the publishing of false studies that made the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella appear to be safer than it actually is. Included among these illegitimate studies is a famous 2004 paper published in the journal Pediatrics, which censors evidence that the MMR vaccine causes autism in children, and particularly African-American boys three years of age and younger.

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Thorsen, Offit, Pan and Gates: a legacy of drug and vaccine deception

These are just a few examples of drug industry crimes among many that make Han's AIDS vaccine shenanigans seem like child's play. Vaccine hucksters like the infamous Paul Offit of Philadelphia Children's Hospital and Richard Pan of California continue to spread lies and misinformation about vaccine safety while quietly accepting bribes from their corporate sponsors.

In Offit's case, the man owns a patent on a rotavirus vaccine known RotaTeq. which means he earns royalties and kickbacks. And Pan, who recently succeeded in stripping California parents of their right to not vaccinate their children, was recently exposed for receiving campaign contributions from vaccine giant Merck & Co., the same corporation that owns a patent on the Gardasil vaccine for HPV that's injured and killed tens of thousands of young girls.

Then there are vaccine shills like Bill Gates, whose Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is heavily invested in promoting vaccines as part of its "non-profit" business model. Gates gave a TED talk, as you may recall, where he explained that vaccines are a highly effective way to reduce the world's population, not to mention the fact that they're a sinister inroad for Gates & Co. to accumulate even more power and wealth.


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