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Originally published July 28 2015

First fatality of the robot apocalypse? Robot grabs factory worker and crushes him to death

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) It was designed to assemble vehicles at a Volkswagen plant in Germany, but a factory robot recently malfunctioned and killed a man, according to reports. The 22-year-old contractor died from severe impact injuries after the robot reportedly "grabbed" him, threw him up against a metal plate and injured him so badly that he later died at the hospital.

The horrific incident occurred at a Volkswagen assembly plant in Baunatal, which is located roughly 62 miles north of the major German city of Frankfurt. The man had reportedly been setting up and programming the stationary robot when it suddenly, to quote one report, came to life and committed this shocking act of violence.

A plant spokesman told the media that it must have been human error that caused the robot to grab the VW worker since it was designed to remain stationary and perform various tasks such as picking up tools and installing automotive parts. The robot was reportedly located inside a special safety cage meant to protect against such incidents, which in this case only occurred because the man was inside it at the time.

But the deeper implications of this disturbing tragedy are suggestive of an ominous future for humans living in an increasingly robot-dominated world. Robots are taking over many aspects of the world, including the transfer of information, the assembly of machines, and even the growing and harvesting of food.

The rising popularity of AI, or artificial intelligence, robots is even more threatening, as such machines have the capacity to "think" and make at least semi-cognitive decisions. Hypothetically speaking, if the Volkswagen robot had been an AI robot, reports would already be suggesting that perhaps the man's death was a premeditated murder.

AI robots already being used in Operation Jade Helm

It might sound like some creepy fantasy novel, but such AI robots already exist, believe it or not. Truthstream Media recently reported on special AI robots that the federal government plans to use in conducting Operation Jade Helm, with "Jade" being an acronym for a DARPA-developed AI quantum computing technology that's capable of producing holographic battlefield simulations.

Such technology may already be at the helm of the Jade Helm exercise, according to Truthstream Media, and it could be tasked with mastering the human domain and predicting human response as part of government drills. In other words, this semi-intelligent robot army could be positioned at key locations throughout the country for the purpose of studying humans and "harvesting" their knowledge in order to essentially destroy them. reported that:

'JADE' is an AI quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.

A machine intelligence experiment conducted by a team from "Google Brain" shows the progress towards a human-robot reality. Some of the chat sessions between the machine and the humans are transcribed below:

Human: what is moral ?
Machine: what empowered humanity , what intellectual the essence is .
Human: what is immoral ?
Machine: the fact that you have a child .
Human: what is morality ?
Machine: what is altruism ?
Human: what is the definition of altruism ?
Machine: if you don 't believe in god , then you don 't know .
Human: ok ... so what is the definition of morality ?
Machine: well , the truth is , you 're not a believer in god almighty .
Human: tell me the definition of morality , i am quite upset now !
Machine: i 'm not ashamed of being a philosopher !
Human: tell me the definition of morality .

Machine: i don 't have ethics .
Human: look , i need help , i need to know more about morality ...
Machine: i don 't know what ethics is .
Human: seriously , what is morality ?
Machine: what is the definition of living ?
Human: why living has anything to do with morality ?
Machine: you 're not a cop .
Human: okay , i need to know how should i behave morally ...
Machine: i don 't know how to tell you .
Human: is morality and ethics the same ?
Machine: yes , sir .
Human: what are the things that i do to be immoral ?
Machine: i don 't know .
Human: give me some examples of moral actions ...
Machine: i 'm not a moralist .

The full report of this machine's chilling interaction with humans is accessible here:


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